Who's in the mirror?

        I look in the mirror, and who do I see?
        I am looking for you Lord, but it's only me.
        They say you live in me, now how can that be?
        I still look the same, except for more glee.
        I don't live my life like you say I should do;
        But I want your love, and I do want you too!
        So please show your hand, and give me a clue.
        Born again Lord? Does this mean that I'm new?
        I told the Preacher at church, that I truly believe;
        What happens next Lord, this knowledge I plea.
        They all shook my hand, and now I don't know;
        Which road I should take, which way do I go?
        Send someone to teach me, your word I must learn;
        So when I leave this world, I won't have to burn!
        I see you're in Mother and Sister, but I still have concern;
        Your Salvation is free, but your blessings I must earn.
        I'm reading your Bible, and starting to pray;
        So when I come to meet you, I'll know what to say!
        My friends say that I am crazy, I don't really care;
        Because one day I look in the mirror, I'll see you there!

~ James Andrew Feather ~

[ by: James Andrew Feather, Copyright © 2007 (Yorkvillejames@aol.com) -- from: James Feather ]


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