Who and Why is God?

When did God begin to rule?
It was ‘ere eons old;
Before He set the firmament
And formed earth’s veins of gold.

He was King before He molded man,
Or even shaped the stars,
‘Ere a cloud He placed in clear blue skies,
Or set the oceans in their bars.

When did my God begin to be?
When spoke  He the angel’s laws;
Or threw Satan out of paradise,
Or made the thunder pause?

In the beginning He began,
He always and ever was
Father, Son and Spirit, He,
Why was He?  Just because!

It is not for man to know His ways,
Or ask of Him a reason,
For God was always, and forever is,
And man is for just a season.

He need only say to sinful man
I AM the great I AM.
Never has there been another God,
Nor another sacrificial Lamb.

All you have and all you are,
You owe it all to me.
Just believe in all I say,
For my truth will set you free.

You need not know when I began,
Or even why or how;
Just simply bow the humble knee
And begin to worship me just now.

~ Joyce Guy ~

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2005 (jguy453@bellsouth.net) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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