New Day - Sunrise over the ocean.

Who I Am

          It's a new day that is given me
          I must now make my choice
          Who will I choose to serve today?
          I must listen for God's calm voice.

          With Christ, I can always conquer
          If I walk in His love every day
          There's darkness all around me
          Yet, I have no fear when I pray.

          God created me in His image
          In His presence, I love to be
          He guides and protects me still
          He proves...He loves even me.

          Greater is He that is in me
          Than he that is in the world
          That's who I am 'til Jesus comes
          Even when Satan's darts are hurled.

          I'll continue to work for Jesus
          Trying to be all He wants me to be
          By His stripes...I receive healing
          His blood at Calvary sets me free.

          Who am I...when tempted to sin?
          Who am I...when too busy to pray?
          Who am I...when sorrows come?
          Who I am, depends on "me" every day.

~ Leona I. Miller ~
Copyright © 2007
All Rights Reserved

[ By: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2007 - regular contributor: Leona I. Miller ]

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