Why God Made Us

It's hard to envision a being
Without a beginning or an end.
Such knowledge is too lofty,
For our mind to comprehend.

But God has always been there,
And He's still here to this day.
He's the One with no beginning,
Or an ending to His Way.

He was here before creation.
He holds eternity in His hand.
Before He formed us in the womb,
For our life, He had a plan.

For if we had not been needed,
Then we would've never been.
But for us whom He created,
He gave a beginning and an end.

The life we're given on this earth,
We're to live within His will.
He will mold us, as He wants us,
Then sanctify us with His seal.

By daily walking with Him,
He'll reveal to us His will.
Through prayer He will instruct us
Of the tasks we're to fulfill.

When our purpose is completed,
He'll then bid us, "Come to Me".
Our souls will soar to Heaven,
Where we'll spend eternity.

What joy to finally see the One,
Who died and cleansed our sins.
To be forever in the presence,
Of the One who's always been.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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