Why Believe

        Why believe in the God of glory
        The answer, begins in the Genesis story
        If you read it, you will be amazed
        How God made the world in just six days

        For He created the animals, the fruit the trees
        The birds of the air, the reptiles and bees
        The great many flowers that bud and bloom
        The breath in the air, the sun and the moon

        The universe with its planets like Mars
        The speheres in the dark that we call stars
        A final touch to complete His plan
        Was when God took dust and formed a man

        When it was clear man was all alone
        God created a woman out of manís bone
        He put them in the garden, to rule over all
        Then tragedy struck,when they were caused to fall

        The serpent, he beguiled them and caused the pair to sin
        Which brought in confusion and set the world a spin
        Communion with God, there and then was spoiled
        Punishment for them, was sweat, pain and toil

        But a loving Father, called on His only Son
        To be a living sacrifice, and over sin he won
        He restored mankind to his rightful place
        Redeemed, santified only through Godís grace

        By belieiving on Jesus, you too will find
        Happiness, joy and a peace of mind
        Enveloped, surrounded, in Godís love
        A special place, for you in Heaven above.

~ June Brown ~

[ by: June May Brown, Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: June May Brown (inhisservice@hotmail.co.uk) ]


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