Will You Have Faith?

How strong is your faith?
Does it waver each day?
Or does it grow stronger,
each step of the way?

Jesus said, "All things are possible,
if you just believe."
My friend, that's faith,
and power you'll receive!

Cast your nets into the deep,
believe on Him today.
Your faith can move mountains!
Just turn to Him and pray!

"Have faith in God," said Jesus,
"Study His Word each day."
Your faith will grow in leaps and bounds,
if you let God have His way!

Trust in Him to lead you,
as you go down life's trail.
Have faith that He will guide you.
Our God will NEVER fail!

Oh, faith, triumphant faith,
how great it is to know.
What we need is triumphant faith.
It will help us grow!

[ by Dot Wilson -- from 'Themestream' ]


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