Willie Ben's Revival

Gracie was a gal that lived by the creek,
Every chance I got I would take a peek,
She was plumb purty as she could be,
I'd like to find out what she'd think of me.

She sits on her porch in her rockin chair,
I was always wishing I could be there.
She hums a tune that sounds so sweet,
Now Gracie is the girl I'd like to meet.

I heard her mom and dad was gittin old,
And wasn't gonna live long I was told,
She went to the well to get some water,
I wondered if she had a little daughter,

I went up to her and said how do you do,
She was a little shy and said who are you?
I couldn't believe we finally were meeting,
But I knew I had to answer her greeting.

I told her my name was just Willie Ben,
I was really named after one of my kin.
She said she'd been married to Lee Ned,
Woke up one morn and found him dead.

This is my girl standing here by my side,
Every Sunday morn we go out for a ride,
He said I'd like to join your company too,
If you all don't mind me being with you.

Then one Sunday morn we all loaded up,
She let me drive them in her pickup truck,
Where are we going we began to search,
Since we are dressed let's go to church.

The preacher was preaching all about sin,
He said you sinners let Jesus come in,
Ol' Willie Ben was squirming in his seat,
He didn't know that Jesus he would meet.

He had been so lonesome all of his life,
He wanted so much to get him a wife,
He thought if he went to the altar that day,
Little Miss Gracie would turn him away.

He didn't know just how happy she'd be,
It thrilled her heart she danced with glee,
He was so changed he was all aglow.
Anybody could tell he had an overflow.

Ol' Willie could tell Miss Gracies' in love,
She treated him just as gentle as a dove,
It wasn't too long before he had proposed,
She said it wouldn't hurt, I don't suppose.

Well they got married they moved away,
She missed her mom and dad every day,
In a few years they had a big baby boy.
Ol' Willie Ben's heart was filled with joy.

One day the Lord talked to ol' Willie Ben,
Talked about folks getting rid of their sin,
He said to Willie you go preach my Word,
I want you to preach it 'till all have heard,

You remember Willie what I did for you,
Preach so your neighbors can have it too.
Willie Ben preached, Gracie sang a song,
The people started praying all night long,

They had a great revival night after night,
What God was doing, it was a great sight.
Many souls were saved in those days,
God did a work, they changed their ways.

Yes we need a mighty lot of changing,
And a whole lot of God's re-arranging.
God's already moving in many Nations,
He needs to work on His whole creation.

He is coming soon, we better get real,
So when we see Him we'll be so thrilled.
Just to know that He loves us like this,
Just to be with Him in heaven is bliss...

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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