Wings to Fly

This poem I’d like to share,
To my heart it’s very dear.
Pen in hand, God guided me,
Through the Holy Trinity.
All praise be to God always,
As we grow in his true grace:

She lifted up her big blue eyes,
Towards God’s heavenly, majestic skies.
As she became so weak and weary,
Our hearts grew very sad and dreary.

She wondered, “Lord, why must I die?”
Don’t worry; you’ll have wings to fly.
There is a place prepared for you,
Where you will never feel sad or blue.

No more sorrows, no more pain,
Heavenly joy will be your gain.
Take my hand and do not fear,
Your time to go is very near.

Friends and family stood around,
With tears falling gently to the ground.
She asked the Lord, “How can I go?
With friends and family crying so?”

Have faith, my child, the Lord did say,
I’ll comfort them whenever they pray.
Memories of joyful days will be,
Everywhere for them to see.

Their tears will all be wiped away,
Heavenly comfort shall be their stay.
She closed her eyes so peacefully,
“Thy will be done, Lord, set me free.”

~ Cindy Adela Lelea ~

This poem was written in memory of my
dear friend and Sister in the Lord,
Lidia Uce, October 2005.

[ by: Cindy Adela Lelea, Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: Cindy Adela Lelea ( ]


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