Beautiful snow flakes falling around my home during a winter storm.

Winter Storm

I stood at the window last morning
The scene was so quiet and white
With snow falling down in big flakes
On grass, trees, and posts, piling high.

The hush of the silent invasion
Relaxing, and peaceful, serene,
Brought splendor to the storm's incursion
Over the ordinary scene.

By keeping this glorious picture
In mind as the days go by
Revitalizes the occurrence
So those special moments don't die.

The Lord is so good and He knows
How to bless us much more
Than we could ask or think of
Through quiet in storms galore.

~ DelRe ~
Copyright © 2002
All Rights Reserved

[ by: DelRe, Copyright © 2002 ( 7delre7 at ) -- {submitted by: DelRe} ]

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