Without You

Without You, I can do nothing.

Itís You on whom I depend.

You give me hope for my future,

With Your promise of life with no end.

Your love daily sustains me.

All things I accomplish through You.

When the enemy tries to put doubts in my mind,

Your Spirit is here to imbue.

It doesnít matter what problems arise.

I know the answerís with You.

I simply say, "Lord, give me patience,

And the wisdom to know what to do."

The assurance Youíre always with me,

Gives me confidence all will go well.

Each day I seek You in all that I do.

I involve You in every detail.

Not every problem is solved as I wish.

But I trust You know whatís best.

So I simply move on and put it behind.

I donít let it cause me distress.

When You became number one in my life,

You changed my heart from within.

My outlook on life is now totally changed.

But I had to start over again.

Without You, life has no meaning.

But with You, Iíll always succeed.

The blessings You give me each day that I live,

Are much more than Iíll ever need.

Happiness, health and a good attitude,

Are a few of the blessings You give.

Treasures of this world have no meaning.

Lord, itís You for whom I want to live.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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