Work in Progress

          We are a work in progress,
          A piece of clay in the Potter's hand,
          Molded and shaped by dire stress,
          According to the Master's Plan.

          Like a diamond in the rough,
          Forged by fire to make it tough,
          Or the rosebush that refuses to bloom;
          Blossoms abundantly when it is pruned.

          At times when things are going our way,
          We neglect to take much time to pray.
          Itís the hardships that we trod,
          Which draw us closer to our God.

          Trials and problems are the tools
          That the Potter decides to use,
          To chisel and refine the piece of clay,
          Forming and shaping it His own way.

          The piece of clay sometimes resists,
          The Potter's firm but loving touch,
          Which is when the Potter insists,
          "This piece of clay is just too much!"

          Trials and sufferings are meant to build,
          Our character into the image of God,
          At times we fail to see the good,
          For trials are often misunderstood.

          These trials we may not understand,
          Failing to see that it's God's hand,
          Working to produce in us,
          More fruits unto righteousness.

          Some burdens we canít comprehend,
          And feel the need to tell a friend,
          "Share them with Me," the Lord does say,
          "I'm waiting for you to come and pray.Ē

          As the Potter continues to correct,
          The resistant clay that He doesnít reject,
          Persistently working to soften that clay,
          It finally yields to the Potter's way.

          So the Lord works in our life,
          As we go through toil and strife,
          When we yield in faith and prayer,
          We receive blessings from our Savior.

~ Cindy Adela Lelea ~

[ by: Cindy Adela Lelea, Copyright © 2006 ( -- submitted by: Cindy Adela Lelea ]


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