Working Wrecks

I came upon a wreck
Along the highway of life;
A sick sadistic man
Abusing his helpless wife.

He hadnít learned the scriptures
written long before,
Love your wife as yourself;
Youíll love her more and more.

The next mishap I happened on
Was a kid high on drugs
Who had no one to nurture him
Give guidance and some hugs.

A woman out in sin
With no concern for her own soul;
Hadnít been with Jesus
Or He would have made her whole.

I came upon †a marriage, broken,
Overturned along the way;
Instead of love at home
Both had gone out to play.

An aged man and woman,
Lives filled with tears;
No one to love and care for them
In lifeís sunset years.

I saw a fallen Hobo
Drunk on cheap red wine;
He hadnít had a meal,
Didnít have a dime.

I fed and clothed the fellow,
Told him of God above;
The rest is up to him,
May he embrace Godís love.

A little child abandoned
By a mom who didnít care;
I took her to a place of safety
And left her with a prayer.

Someone with broken pride,
Gone flat along the way,
Punctured deeply by a fickle friend,
I patched them up today.

I often dial emergency,
Speak each name in prayer,
Bring them all to Jesus,
The fallen everywhere.

I work for the Heavenly Highway Patrol
Perusing lives and doing checks,
Directed by my Father;
Iíve been out working wrecks.

~ Joyce Guy ~

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2005 ( -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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