Wrapped And Tied With Love

The Father was so pleased
His Son would soon be born
There in a lowly manger
The babe would see the morn

Dear Mary looked so tired
But soon all would be well
Her darling child would come
Angels run and tell

The Christ child has been born
Tonight in Bethlehem
Angels tell the shepherds
What joy awaits for them

The wise men see His star
It's such a wondrous sight
Knowing something special
Has happened on this night

Angel choirs are singing
Their voices loud and clear
Ringing out the news
The newborn King is here

Glory in the highest
Peace on earth to men
Heaven's greatest treasure
Is found in Bethlehem

Come and see the King
Bow low before the Lamb
Salvation has come down
From God to every man

The greatest gift this night
Came down from God above
He sent our soul's Redeemer
Wrapped and tied with love

[ by Linda M. Oliver -- from 'Themestream' ]


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