Wrecking Crew

I watched them tear a building down,
A gang of men in Sydney Town.
With a push and a shove,
And a mighty yell!
They swung a beam
And the side wall fell.

I asked the Boss if his men were skilled?
Were they men to hire, if he had to build?
He gave a smile, said "No indeed!"
Just casual Labourers are all I need!"

"They can easily wreck in a day or two,
What Builders would take a year to do!"

And I thought to myself as I walked away,
That's not the role I like to play,
I'm glad I'm a tradesman who works with care,
Measuring Life with a ruler and square,
I shape my deeds to a well made plan,
And patiently do the best that I can.

~ Tony Illingworth ~

[ By Tony Illingworth, Copyright © 1972 (barton1@bigpond.net.au) -- submitted by: Doreen, for Tony ]


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