You're Going To Have Problems

      Have you wondered at times what you're going to do?
      When problems come up, your mind starts to crowding you?
      Your troubles get so heavy, that your thoughts you can't find.
      Do you wish you could just leave all your troubles behind?

      As long as we are on this earth, we are going to go through things.
      We are going to be faced with heartache, strife and pains.
      This is just a part of this life we have to deal with on this earth.
      But there is a way you can handle them better, that's through re-birth.

      If you'd like to know more of this new birth, read God's word. After
      reading it, listen to God and remember what you've heard. If you get
      alone with God, you will sure enough feel His spirit. And once you've
      experience this feeling, believe me, you'll love it.

      You'll find out soon enough,that you my friend, are His child.
      You will later see, as you grow closer to Him, that on you...He smiled.
      As time goes by even more, you will surely have known,
      That all this time you've been troubled, you didn't have to be alone.

      To put it plain and simple, ask the Lord to save your soul.
      Then afterwards, to your family, friends and strangers, you must go,
      Go and tell them of this new life you have started with your Lord.
      From that day on, I doubt that you will no longer be bored.

      Once you turn your life over to Jesus, going to church you will desire.
      You must always stay in His word, even if you tire.
      Reading and hearing His word, this will give you strength.
      It will help you with your troubles, no matter what length.

      So why not go to the people who are lost and plant a seed.
      This my friend would be what I would call, a good deed.
      Tell them of this loving awesome man, who died on the cross,
      Let them know that without Him, their home in heaven will be a loss.

[ by: V. Elaine Ables © 2002 ( -- submitted by: V. Elaine Ables ]


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