You Have Gone On and I Remain

I have asked God, always, to let me remain
so that I could take care of you,
but now that you've gone on to be with Him
my life is empty, lonely, and blue.

The light that you gave lit up my life,
made living joyful with praise
to the Lord that you worshipped and prayerfully served
to the very end of your days.

Together our Lord blessed us so much,
He used you to make my life whole.
I thank my dear Savior He bestowed us with favor
and forgave and redeemed our lost souls.

I know you await by the River of Life,
longing and looking for me;
Dear one, I'll come when God calls me home
and be eternally united with thee.

We will sit at His feet, in fellowship sweet,
giving worship and praise to His name;
For it was Jesus our Lord, fulfilling God's Word,
Who saved us, resolving our blame.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- {used with permission} ]


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