You Said

        You said you were afraid to go to a better place
        until I lit the path and took your hand.

        You said that you were afraid to try
        until I convinced you that in my eyes you couldn't fail.

        You said you couldn't share your hurt
        until I showed you the scars on my heart.

        You said you wished you could do things differently
        until I convinced you that it wouldn't change how I felt about you.

        You said you couldn't fly
        until I lifted your arms and blew confidence under your wings.

        You said you were too tired to go on
        until I lent my shoulder to carry your load.

        You started to say you didn't deserve.
        I said be still and know that you are special.

        "And now, dear brothers and sisters, I will write about the
        special abilities the Holy Spirit gives to each of us ..."
        (1 Corinthians 12:1 NLT)

[ Todd Wielgos -- from Aiken Drum ]


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