Young at Heart

          They say I don't look over twenty,
          That I'm vibrant as when I was ten.
          But this bonfire you call my birthday cake
          Proves I'm not as young as back then.
          But numbers are simply numbers
          Cause young at heart am I.
          And still I feel more youthful
          As every day goes by.
          I feel better than when I was fifty
          Or when I walked  over the hill
          I love to go out and do things;
          I cannot seem to be still.
          So now at this hour on my birthday.
          I will tell my age I don't care.
          I won't worry about my wrinkles
          Or dye my graying hair.  
          I'm going to keep on having fun.
          I'm just beginning to start.
          And you can tell my birthday cake
          That I'm still young at heart.

~ Alyssa Marie Bentham ~

[ by: Alyssa Marie Bentham, Copyright © 2007 ( -- from Alyssa Bentham ]


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