Your Beautiful Life

( To Teens or Others Contemplating Suicide )

God decided in Heaven one day-
that you should be born in a wonderful way.
He chose your parents- their elements right-
to create a special 'You'. What a beautiful sight.

There's no one on earth exactly like you-
a miracle of life in all that you do.
Sometimes we lose sight of the beauty we have.
We don't see any good- only the bad.

We start out our lives with the world in our hands,
but, as we grow older, forget what's been planned.
We feel lost and confused- unloved and alone
and sometimes our hearts feel hardened- like stone.

We almost get blinded by our saddened thoughts-
'till we no longer see what we've really got.
We get numb to the love of our family and friends-
we can't see the hope, the future- just the end.

These words said to you in the hope you'll achieve-
fall upon ears that no longer believe-
that YOU are so special- a star in the night-
who shines in His glory, your own special light.

You feel so unworthy, but you don't know why
and you search for the answers which just makes you cry.
Sometimes you need someone to help sort it out-
someone who will listen- to whom you can shout:

"I feel disconnected, sad and unsure.
I just don't know what to do anymore.
I know deep inside that there's got to be hope,
but right now I just feel at the end of my rope."

"Help me find the answers. Help me find my way.
Plant my feet on the road of happiness today.
Help me learn how to deal with feeling so lost-
that there's no price for love- there isn't a cost."

And though you feel frightened, scared and alone-
it's just like you've called your friend God on the phone.
He'll lean into your ear and He'll whisper these words-
forever in truth- the most wonderful heard:

"You need to believe that you're worth more than this-
and I'll help you climb out of your dark abyss.
With time and with love you will figure it out-
and I'll always be there, loving you- have no doubt."

"The love of your family and friends just for you-
will mean so much more when you know I am True.
But, first you must learn how to love who you are.
Believe as I do- you're a bright, shining star."

Epilog: Three years ago I watched in horror as one of my best friends questioned everything that existed. Her teenager had swallowed some pills in a failed attempt at suicide. The shock, sadness and guilt she carried overwhelmed her.

"What did I do? Where did I go wrong? Was I there to listen enough?" She blamed herself when there was no blame. She retraced every step she'd made as a parent in an attempt to find that one moment that led to this nightmare. She tortured herself and I did the best I could to comfort her and say, "It's not your fault."

It was nobody's fault.

We thanked God that her teen made a phone call shortly after swallowing the pills. Without the call, her child would most likely have succeeded.

God was watching over that teen and sparked something deep within him to cry out for help by picking up the phone. He, very much like George in "It's a Wonderful Life", realized that he, too, wanted to live.

He just didn't know why.

I loved this kid like he was my own and felt so incredibly torn because he thought he was worthless. On the outside, things appeared fine. This was a kid with everything going for him- a loving family, intelligence, friends. But, we can't be in the minds of our children and deep within the recesses of his, was a very dark, lonely and fearful place.

I prayed for him and we talked. I asked God to help me find the right words. I didn't want to sound angry at him or ask why. I just wanted to listen and if there was something I could say, I wanted it to make a difference. I found that he talked to me and I served more as the 'listener'. I think that's what God wanted.

Several days later I wrote a message for him. Overcome with emotion and the reality of almost losing him, I simply let the words flow from my heart onto the computer screen.

I gave him the message and he still has it today. In the midst of his confusion, it was hard for him to understand or appreciate its true meaning. However, as he healed the words began to make more sense.

I want all people, all teenagers who feel that there lives don't mean anything and are contemplating suicide to read what I wrote and BELIEVE with all of your heart that you are loved more than anything by God our Father. Even if your family life stinks or you are so heavily burdened that you can't see the light at the end of the road, BELIEVE that there is light and that there's no load too heavy that God can't carry for you.... if you let Him.

God loves you, others love you and even I, whom you've never met, love you. We are all God's children and connected by a wonderful, divine thread of love that will never go away.

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2001 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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