Your Home

          When we wander far afield Lord,
          thinking we are on our own.
          You set people and circumstances
          in our path to show us we are not alone.

          Some will speak of Your wisdom,
          some will talk of Your birth.
          Some will tell how You
          once walked upon this earth.

          Some will show how You loved us,
          others will point out Your mighty feats.
          How You calmed the sea, healed the blind,
          and made the dumb to speak.

          How You died upon that mighty cross
          to free us all from sin.
          Then left behind Your mighty words
          to help us start over again.

          Then comes the understanding,
          we have never walked alone.
          For You came to live within us
          and made our hearts Your home.

~ Betty Holly ~

[ by: Betty Holly, Copyright © 2008 ( -- submitted by: Betty Holly ]


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