Your Journey

      Your journey has been long, and it's been hard.
      No time to retreat, but stay on guard.
      Draw closer to God, and stay in His word,
      keep proclaiming His name till all have heard.

      Look to the One who'll show you the way,
      walk in His steps so you won't stray,
      This way is not easy, but it's the best,
      keep your eyes on Jesus and you'll pass the test.

      There is much work, and praying to do,
      love your enemies, friends, and neighbors too.
      You say, that is too much to ask of me.
      But that is what the Word of God says, you see.
      Others has gone on to meet their reward.
      They worked so hard to meet their dear Lord.
      They're waiting and watching now for you and me,
      So we can all be together throughout eternity.

      There's preaching and teaching and praying to do,
      God in His mercy is counting on you.
      Look to the cross and see what He did,
      Everything was in the open, and nothing was hid.

~ Mary Eldridge ~
My Poem Site: "My Witness For God"

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2008 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]

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