Your Majesty

Awaken my ears O Lord
To the sound of the morning breaking;
to your light as it chases the darkness,
A new day in me awakening.

Indulge my nostrils, Lord,
To the smell of your refreshing rain,
To the scent of your strong arm,
As it unearths the cause and dislodges pain.

Anoint my eyes, O  God,
Make them ever swift to see
Your glory breaking forth in abundance,
Revealing your potent majesty.

The beating of my heart
Keeping time to your unfailing love,
My spirit enthralled with your excellence,
Yearning for your presence from above.

Quicken my foot steps, Lord,
To greet you at your coming,
Wafting the fragrance of the rose
In welcome at your returning.

Make me totally, fully  alive
Intensely aware  of you,
Alert and always eager
Our former intimacy to renew.

My arms in praise to Thee are raised,
Gratitude overwhelms my heart;
My lips constantly speak Thy praises;
How shall I live if we be kept apart?

~ Joyce Guy ~

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2005 ( -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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