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Your Motive

What motive's behind;
What you're working for?
Is it the praises;
That you so adore?

Is it for money,
Or is it for fame?
Are all your talents;
Gifts for your gain?

Why are you serving?
Why are you giving?
Is it for Jesus;
That you're truly living?

Need now to hear;
Your praises from peers?
To feel great inside,
To fill up your ears.

Is it for blessing;
From His hand above?
Is it because;
He's all that you love?

Give Him the glory,
His honor, His praise,
Give of your talents,
And give of your days.

He will reward you;
In His own sweet way.
You'll hear, well done;
On that great final day.

What is the purpose;
You live day to day?
Is it for others;
That need shown the Way?

God surely loves us.
He gave us His Son.
Our love is in weakness;
Look, what He's done.

Live to Him, it's gain.
Live to self, it's loss.
All you live and breathe;
Your motive be the cross.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~
Copyright © 2009
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Susan Y Nikitenko, Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Susan Y Nikitenko ]

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