Your Son

          Please don't hold it against me.
          You know this is what was to be.
          If it happened that I wasn't the one,
          Someone else would have stole him, you see?

          You gave him the love that he needed
          When he was a baby, I know.
          And, I bet that you knew this would happen,
          As you watched your little boy grow.

          But, you know that you aren't alone.
          For, this happens to every boy's mother
          When the son, she so loves, turns into a man
          And gives his whole life to another.

          I'm the girl that your son has picked
          And he's asked me to be his wife.
          And, you see, I've said 'yes,' because
          You know your son is my whole life.

          I know, as we walk down that aisle,
          They'll be tears falling down your face.
          But please try and remember this,
          I can never take your place.

          You're the one that he'll always remember
          For the sad times you brought him through
          And I know that, as long as your son lives,
          In his heart, there's a place for you.

2005 by Dot McGinnis

[ by: Dot McGinnis Copyright © 2005 -- submitted by: Dot McGinnis ]


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