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May 28, 2015

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Being Dad And Being There
Looks Can Be Deceiving
It Must Be Settled Tonight
Barefoot Pastor
What We Leave Behind
A Little Bird Told Me
I Want To Be A Mountain
Saint Valentine's Day
Find Joy In The Ordinary
Young Girl with Book.
Hi - Enjoy My
Newest Story
The Right One
Hood To Hero
Laughing With Dad
Three Trees
Behold--A Flower Is Coming
That's Everything
The Happiest Day
One Piece At A Time
Jacks' Lily
The Day Lisa Lost
Parable Of The Merchant And His Wives
Paths To Ponder
Honest In A Pinch
The Night Before Christmas--African Christimas Story
Looking For A Sign
Angels In The Alley
My Cup Runneth Over
She Never Saw The Cake
Tenth Letter--Alphabet
Thanks For The Thorns
Gift Of Life
One More Conversation
Christmas Magic In A Stable
Born Again Beef Eater
The Day Light And The Dark Night
Children's Bible In A Nutshell
Right Place Right Time Right Mission
Faith Is Everything
Thou Preparest A Table
Spiders Web
One Miracle
Elusive Butterfly
A Story To Live By
To Endure
Sleeping Through The Storm
Ring The Bell
Don't Make That Decision
Changing The World
Robbies Special Piano Recital For His Mother
The Right Thing To Do
A Race Prayer
I Still Could See The Sun
A Sister Will Do
Becoming Howard
On Being A Flake
God Used A Toothache
Diaper Spelled Backwards
Your Actions May Change A Life
No Regrets
Tony Snow's Testimony
Request For Transfer
Walk In Jesus Footsteps
Regret City
Free Hugs
A Late Bloomer
Substitute Thanksgiving Dinner
Number 111
The Winner
Father's Day In Heaven
Home Away From Home
Resurrection'prove It To Me
A Christmas Story
Stone Cutter
The Wall You Built
The Little Shepherd Boy
It's All About The Team
College Student Learns From A Little Girl
Running Out Of Gas
Will The Christ Child Come
A Little Bacon Grease
An Afternoon In The Park
Pray For The Firefighter
Hitting The Top
Scavengers See The Light
A Box Of Kisses
Becoming Dad
Secret Day
A Mothers Crown
Honest Labor Better
Bicycle Built For Two
Old Shoes Have A Purpose
You Trust Me How Much--Lord
Pass The Bee Spit--Please
Easter In Common
The Missing Jesus
Faithful Friends
How Was Your Life
The Big Show
Joy Thief
You Keep Coming Back
Easiest Way To Learn
Lessons From A Child
A Daily Sprinkle
The Harvest
Just Shake It Off
Never Stood So Tall
The Invitation
Three Kernels Of Corn Parable
Sharing The Bounty
A Morsel Of Hope
Believe Me
A Broken Heart
Philosophy 101
The Compassionate Stranger
It Must Be Rainging
A Happy Mother's Day
Salute On Memorial Day
The Golden Chain Of Kindness
Left Alone
The Dog Next Door
Parent Talk
A Moment To Remember
Something Beautiful
Do Not Forget To Remember
Caught The Brass Ring
The Little Grape Stem
Do Not Forget To Write
I Only Wanted A Break
The Sign
The Christmas Program
Harvest Moon
Love A Little More
Lucky The Dog
Finding A Voice
Oh Deer
John 3:16
A Light Bulb Moment
And The Devil Said
Mrs Waterford
Happy Endings
Saved At Sea
Faith And Deeds
Do You Know Bailey's Jesus
The Smallest Snowflake--Parable
The Pretty One
Prayer Weight
The Smell Of Rain
The Little Messenger--Unmarried Daughters Baby
First Degree Romance
The Meaning Of 11
Christ For Clunkers
We Are Civilized
Quilt Of Holes
High Noon
The Football Player
The Wolves Within
Frolicking With Crocs
A Mountain Of Laundry
Grammie's Geraniums
Keeper Of The Spring
The Right To Be Wrong
If We Listen
The Visit
Cave Babies
Christmas Love
Nudge The Balance
I Hugged Life Today
It Was In The Cards
Until Now
The Deep End
Phenomenon Of Yellow Snow
Tornado Leaves Heroes
Dance Of Love
Who's Your Daddy
The Three Candles
Shake It Off
Father's Day Rookie
Casper Learns To Share
Fast Pitch In Heaven
Love And The Cabbie
Apples From Early June
Three Marbles--(Helping Others)
Entertaining Angels2
The Girl In The Pink Dress
Making A Life
The Shadow And The Chick
Starts With A New Bed
Road Leading To Home
Where's The Good Stuff
Anniversary Present
Spelling Lessons
A Pot Of Jam
Porch Sittin
Miracles Of Faith
The Light Of Christmas
No One Has The Time
The Sky Is Falling
The Seed
They Made My Evening Special
Cowboys And Indians
She'll Get Through
Beggars Rags
Too Much--My Start Menu
Let Me Take Care Of That
Dreams As Special
Fear Not
The Shack On The Side Of The Hill
Flying The Friendly Skies
The Month After Christmas
Christmas Callie
Comfort From Above
The Miriam Parable
Blessing Of Thorns
Guts For Jesus
The Parable Of The Two Servants
The Ant And The Grasshopper--Surprise
One Mountain At A Time
The Greatest Thanksgiving
Celebrating You
Not Just Another Town
The Linus In All Of Us
Grandma's Hands
Controlling Nature
Miracle On 42nd Street
Adjusting To The New Day
Throwing Stones
She Will Dance With The Dragonflies
Gods Love Story
Kitchen Windows
Dancing With My Stars
Feathered Fidelity
The Moonlit River
The Cross Room
Jesus Really Does Love You
Absolutely Incredible
Admire Their Glow
The Bull And The Bear
Would Not Change A Thing
Party For A Friend
Christmas Crayons
Behind Their Backs
Weathering The Storms
Going Home
Buttermilk Biscuits
Yes Virginia
Parable Of The Pencil
Anniversary--First Kiss
Sun Already Set In The Valley
School Of Hard Knocks
The Parable Of The Two Screws
An Angel Named Johnny
Until We Get It
The Wedding Dress
Would Jesus Dial For Mr Whiteside
If I Were Lost
Fallen Angel
Quarter Mile Pappy
Grandpa's Thanksgiving Gift
Extenuating Circumstances
No More With Me
Leos World
I Learned To Live
Little Boy Lost
Legend Of The Poinsettia
The Social Worker And The Ragged Lad
In This Day
Someone To Look After
Half Full Or Half Empty
The Faith Of A Child Brings Answered Prayer
Burdens Give Us Wings--Parable
More In You Than You Know
One Afternoon
Escaping The Storm
See Heaven In Tomorrow
The Middle Wife
How To Have A Life Of Joy
The Perfect Heart--Parable
In The Woods
Way More Than Just A Pretty Face
Treasures In The Sandbox
That's God Talk
The Diploma
Your Turn
Look Closer
2B Together
The Last Day Of School
Most Beautiful Voice
Million Things She Gave Me
Happiness Has Two Doors
Man Behind The Moon
Clover Alert
Power Of Prayer
Spring--Sneakers And Paint
Pretzel Medicine
Where Ya Been
Simply The Best
The Teacup
The Story Of Soul
My Next Husband Will Be Normal
Where I'm Supposed To Be
Candy Cane
Just One More Time
Gifts From God
The Way You Are
Martha Stewart--He Is Not
Mocking Bird--Mocking Me
The Universal Language
Surviving A Storm
The Angel Penny
One Person
Pinewood Derby
No Jacket Required
The Story Of The Sterile Food Tree
Gods Embroidery
Walter--Helen Come Back
The Rope
The Cliff's Edge
Brothers--A Story For Thanksgiving
Hopping Freights
Eagle Story
The Fern And The Bamboo
My Hero And The Old Swiming Hole
Waiting For A Rose
Little Lopsy
I Saw Jesus--The Vision
Waiting For The Wind
Where You Are Born
To Begin Again
Free Samples Of Food
The Flat Tire
Courage To Match Our Fear
Where Two Ways Met
My Special Valentine
Broken--Still Beautiful
Shep--A Dog And Childern's Love
Stop Being Everybody's Victim
Hoo Hoo Fraks
Love Laugh And Enjoy
The Daffodil Principle
The Secret
Creating Fathers
Can You Keep A Secret
A Special Child And The Tuck-stop
Room At The Table
The One That Got Away
Rustling Raspberries
Something About The Wind
The Visitor
I Know The Shepherd
A Promise Of Tomorrow
Hug Me
Symphony Of Summer Praise
11th Day Of The 11th Month
March To The Sea
The Gift
The Key To Life
God In A Rose
God's Flock
Gods Geese
In The Right Hands
Learn To Speak Their Language
Why Are You Afraid
Proudly Displayed
I Won't Miss This Sofa
Gods Prayer Scales
Memory Tree
Real Liberation
The Great Lesson
Everything Is Connected
See God Looking Back
Can We Walk A Little Faster
Why Not For Man
Welcome Home
God Knows Where You Are
White Rose Wreath
For Those Who Dream
Big Feet'big Heart
A Rose Is A Weed Is A Rose
Teacup Story
Surviving The 81st Floor Of World Trade Tower Two
The Bee Sting
Information Please
The Family Strength
Never Forget--I Love You
The Voice Of Christmas
A Dog In The Road
Left Behind
Living A Life That Matters
The Christmas Scout
Dark Candle
Love And Reconition
Two Pelicans
Littlest Christmas Helpers
Flag Waving Cowboys
One Day To Live
Midlife Crisis
Message In A Bottle
Just 300
Missing--The First Holiday
A Working Holiday
How To Get Ripped Off
Crooked Little Smile
The Doll And A White Rose
The Diploma'achieving A Goal
Blue Rose
Flying Solo
Some Huge Gifts
Burdens Give Us Wings
Give Yourself A Gift
Searching For Miracles
The Journey Of A Mother
Secret Of Jimmy Yen
You Have To Work For It
Begins With A Knot
White Dove
Planting Happiness
Binding The Wounds
God Is Under My Bed
Take The Plunge
The Pledge Of Allegiance
New Shoes
Your Thanksgiving Story
I Want To Be A Cloud
What I Did For Love
Old Lady--Television Interview
The Church The Bible Built
Boomlettes And Barbie Boots
True Meaning Of Christmas
You Are No Different
An Impossible Dream
What Will You Take
It Just Knows How
The New Guy
Shmily--(Grandma And Grandpa's Game)
Barnyard Duck
The View From My Kitchen Window
Way To Go Buffalo
Christmas Presence
The Stuffing
Nothing All That Special
Teach The Childern
A Brother Like That
Of Boys And Bunnies
If You Are Real
My Quilt
Enough For Now
The Power Of Letting Go
He Can Heal The Hurt
Moon Set
Jeremys Egg
The Forgotten Ones
Fathers Promise
The Weathered Old Barn
A Mouse Pig Cow And Snake
Would You Like To Meet The King
Rain Washed
What Do You Fear
Entertaining Angels
The Burden'bearer
Peter Goes Fishing
Dearest Dad
Post Hoc
Sunday Stranger
A Little Girls Prayer
Lessons Of Childhood
The Easter Gift
The Rock'pUSH
The Hurricane
Make Music--Be Heard
From Time To Time
Jesus And Bill
Bent On Survival
A Homeless Lesson
Intimate Strangers
Cottage By The Lake
My Daddy
One Minute Can Change A Life
Who You Are Speaks Louder--Than Anything You Say
Rich'poor Family In Church
The Color Of Friendship
In My World
On The Shores Of Life
The Carpenter's Tools
Miracles Of Forgiveness
A Nickels Worth
No One Lives Forever
Best Job In The World
He Was Proud Of Himself
First Light
The Miracle Of Spring
That First Step
Her Eyes
Cruiser Bruiser
Thanks For Listening
Just Checking
Just A Simple Cookie
Batting My Eyelashes
Life Is A Bag Of Frozen Peas
The Year Of My Christmas Miracle
The Bird Cage
Eagle Peak
The Show
Mothers Day In Georgia
Good Old Days
Darkness Of The Storm
Keeping The Motor Idling
Everyday Heroes Everywhere
Our Time
Keep Singing
A Bag Of Kindness
New Perspective--(Count Your Blessings)
Four Seasons Of A Tree
A Childs Angel
Dunk Not
Thank You Lord
Hank--The Rescue Pup
Most Elusive Quarry Ever
I Learned To Love You
Somewhere In Between
A Tiny Drop Of Water
Bonded With A Whale
The Pebbles
Jesus In The House
First At The Royal Blue
Heat Of Summers Past
I Knew There Was A God
I Know You By Heart
Are You Hiding From God
The Powers Of Love
The Old Woman With The Cane
The Last Steps
Yard-sale Salvation
Marines And Tampons
Eyes Of A Tiny God
Left Without Saying Goodbye
Josh's Angel
The Pink Cadillac
A Radiant Glow
Cracked Pot
The Christmas Carpenter From Nazareth
Three Cows
Little Tuba Boy
Once You Have
Until The End Of Time
The Meadow
A Day At Work
No Body Made It
Memory Lane
George Washingtons Vision
In His Care
Thanksgiving--Old Fashion Way
Basketball--Candied Yams
Bound To Forgive
Mears Family Store
Whopeee--A Snow Day
Remembering The Feeling
How Rich Are We
Let A Miracle Happen
Old Seven Dollar
Thanksgiving We Won't Forget
Sing In A Thunder Storm
I Hope Your Box Is Empty
Run With Intent
The Christmas Carol
The Dime
Heart To Home
Artists Task
What Inspires Me
It Could Be A Beautiful Place
What Is A Patriot
Blessed By Simplicity
What Did I Ever Do
This Is The Moment
I Saw Jesus
The Fence
Dear God--What Now
Grace On The Tracks
The Stranger
Saint Nick
What Exactly Is A Hero
Sacrificing A Dream To Make A Dream Come True
Medicine That Saved Me
A Dog Named Jessie
Poor Little Butterfly
Paid In Full
The Water Of Life
Fast Food Faith
Never Stop Shining
Everybody Knows Everybody
Olympically Engaged
On The Shore
The Leaf And The Wind
A Lesson For A Liftetime
The Red Geranium
Then Fly My Friend
Because Of Me
How Blessed I Am
I Just Get Started
Red White And Blue
Gone In A Flash
The Pumpkin Patch
A Thankful Thanksgiving
He Heard
The Bag Lady And Thanksgiving Dinner
Getting Ready
What Can I Do
Grocery Store Hug
You Are Not Alone
Grace And Style
Asking God
Out Of Place
Santa--Married Her
Kneading The Bread
Kindness Is Contagious
My Waterbed
40 Things--(No Baby)
The Forgotten
The Joy Of Shopping
They Wont Let Me In
The Little Raggedy Girl
Time And Loving Patience
Working On My Return
Little Candle
The Domino Effect
Mark's Mountain BBQ
Living Life To The Fullest
God How Can You Use Me In The Condition I Am In
The Cab Ride
The Miracle
Moving Beyond The Why
Bearly Managing
The Living Tree
The Catch Of The Day
The Lassie Dog
My Christmas Landscape
Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation
Tiny Fingers
The Mitten
The Perfect Mistake
You Can Too
In 53 Secs--Really
Daddy Hands
Simple Heroics
Sucker Day
The Trail Ahead
She Cries No More
A Mom By Any Other Name
Wasnt Looking
Advantage Of The Storm
What Is A Father
He Was Just A Mongrel
You Are Loved
Healing Waters
The Boy--Fish Sandwich
Time To Leave The Pond
Band Of Love
Whoopsy Daisy
The Gentle Beast
In Your Eyes
Riding Tandem
Other Side Of The Glass
Enjoy The Scenery
The Echo
A Lesson From The Geese
I Am Flying Daddy
Tree Dwellers
They Survived
The Songs Of Christmas
Golden Crane
It's Never Too Late
His Name Is Daniel
New Life At Easter Time
Candles For Your Cake
A Good Samaritan Today
Dear Mom
Crusader Hairy Experience
Little Piece
The Christmas Invitation
The Wager
The Language Of Love
It Was My Day
What Have We Done
Thank God For Pain
Rise To Meet The Sun
A Walk In The Forest
The Autograph
Loving Life Again
Quality Of The Harvest
The Auction
Wanna Borrow A Jack
To Watch Over Me
Hatching Life
Holding Hands
Easy As 1 2 3
Do You Believe In Saint Nick
Beware The Neighbor
Amen Crackers
Dream Catchers
God's Purpose In Things
A Chain Of Events
Caramel Covered Diplomacy
Teddy'bears Call
The Wemmicks Parable
White Wolf--Gray Wolf Parable
Why Christmas Is Important
When Zucchini Happens
It's What I Do
Road Of Life
A Tug
The Lips Of God
You Are Never Too Old
Your Wake Up Call
A Father Like No Other
Christmas Story
Little Things Mean A Lot
Sparkling Jewels
The Angel Project
The Baggy Yellow Shirt
What Happened
Our Greatest Gift
The Heart To Let Go
What Are Grandmas
Gold Table Cloth
If Love
Taps--Story Of Two Soldiers
Spare Change
Luthers Lumber
Nothing We Can Do
The Night The Animals Talked
Follow Through On Resolutions
Edge Of Darkness And Light
Little Bell
I'm Proud Of You
Blessings To All Moms
The Choice
A Conspiracy Of Kindness
The Cradle--A Christmas Story
The Lady's Hug
Sunrise Service
Except For Six Strangers
A Cup Called Hope
Face Value
Create Fathers
Letter From Jesus
The Emperor's Seeds
Ice Cream
The Power Of Believing
Jasper's Visit To The Nursing Home
The Quilt
Perfect Peace
Freedom's Price
Burned Biscuits
A Child Shall Lead Them
My Child
The Night That Changed The World
Create Spring
Frank Riddick's Bicycles
I'll Be Seeing You
There Ya' Are
The Most Beautiful Rose
The Water Bowl
Junior And Sammy
This Is Good
Cat Angel
I Saw God Today
Doing Good For Others
Jerry Lewis Plays Basketball
Life Is A Marathon
The Apple Basket
A Letter To God
The Parable Of The Push'ups
Love Story
Sandbox Rock
This Is Where I Belong
A Lasting Impression
Saying Goodbye To Summer
Pain In The Neck
Above The Storms
I Have A Passion
Thankful For A Purpose
Broken Valves--Flooded Basements
Silver What
Dude--Where's My Son
My Life On A Treadmill
Never Growing Old
Listen Or Wait
Quite A Character
The Path You Take
Before It Lands
Time To Leave The Nest
Don't Drink The Milk
Something Special For My Granny
Sacrifice Play
Mole Hills
Pheasants In Flight

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