A Lasting Impression

"Jimmy, look at the impression you left in the sand," the man said to his son.

"Daddy what's a "pression?" the young child asked.

"That's "impression" Jimmy. The spot where you were lying on the sand sunk in around your body and when you got up it was there. Your feet do the same thing, they leave footprints."

"Oh, but you can't see my face," Jimmy replied.

"No, because you were lying on your back. It's like the impression you put in Mr. Johnson's new cement sidewalks."

"You mean my hand print?"

"Yes, but you also left another kind of impression. An impression on his mind."

"Mr. Johnson's brain is made of sand?"

His father laughed and then leaned over for one of those "parental moments"

"No, you left an impression on his memory. It's called a bad impression. When you do something to someone you leave them with a bad memory. Every time he walks out the door he sees your hand print there in that first step. I'm sure he remembers you daily."

"Well, Daddy. I was trying to do something good. I did that so he would see me waving "Hi" every morning."

His Dad tried not to laugh. He didn't want Jimmy to think it was okay to do what he did.

"So my impression will stay here on the beach forever, too?"

"No, it will be gone in the morning."

"Who's going to take it?"

"Well, God washes the beach every night so the next day we can do it again. It's like God's big drawing board. He likes to see our artwork."

Jimmy sat for a minute and then suddenly ran to get his bigger shovel and pail.

"Where are you going?"

"Up here where the water can't take it away," Jimmy said.

Dad watched from a distance as he saw Jimmy draw a great big circle-like figure in the sand. Then after a few minutes Jimmy yelled to him.

"Daddy, How do you spell "Loves?"


Finally, out of curiosity, Dad got up and stood nearby. There in the sand was a huge heart-like circle with these words..."God Lovs Yo"

Not wanting to spoil the moment, Dad didn't bother to correct his spelling.

"That's beautiful, Jimmy!"

"Oh, wait a minute," Jimmy said.

He rushed over and placed his hand in the lower right corner and pushed down.

"There, I'm waving to God and Mr. Johnson. There's my hand impression, Daddy."

The two of them stood there for a moment admiring his handiwork.

"Daddy, I wanted everyone to know that God loves them. Do you think God will leave this one alone?"

"Jimmy, even God needs..."a little hand"...to remind us."

"I get it Daddy!"

~ Bob Perks ~

[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2007 (2believe@comcast.net) -- {used with permission} ]

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