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Believing, Still

I was speaking with a friend yesterday. We were talking about change, challenge and hope. We spoke of life and all the dreams that we attached to it when we were dreaming younger and planning older.

"I have dreams that give me answers." she said. "I dream of lost things and places to find them."

"I believe in the dreams that I have and events that occur that at one time earlier in my life I would have declared "just a coincidence", or pure luck."

"Did you ever have one not work out right?" I asked. "Almost. But even when it didn't work I still believed in it." She went on to tell me the "Diamond Earring Story".

One day she took her children to a nearby park to play games, run and just have fun. Somewhere along the way she lost one of her diamond earrings. She hadn't discovered it until she got home. It was much too late to go back. Besides, what were her chances of finding something that small in a huge park. But the earrings did have special meaning to her. They were a hand crafted gift from her sister years ago. They now live at opposite ends of the U.S. and wearing them always brought a smile to her face.

That night she had a dream. One of those special dreams. When she awakened the next day she called a friend and asked her to come over right away. "You need to go to the park with me." she said.

On the way there she had explained that she had a dream that they were together in the park and they found the earring. So, believing as strongly as she did in her dreams she went to that exact same spot she dreamed about. It had rained heavily and the ground was soft and very muddy. But they looked anyway. Finally after searching much too long they returned to the car. Her friend thought from the very beginning that this was a bit strange. Now, all wet and muddy, little needed to be said on the trip home.

"Why don't we stop at the mall and relax a bit before I drop you off."

She agreed.

Just as they were ready to exit the car her friend looked down at her feet. The floor was all dirty and caked with mud.

"Look. I'm sorry I put you through all of this. You're cold and wet and your car is filthy. But I know my dreams are always right."

"That's ok. I'll get the car cleaned. I just want to scrape this heavy mud..." she paused.

"What? What's wrong?"

There on the bottom of her shoe embedded deep in the mud was her earring. The diamond was missing.

She made a believer out of her friend as she stuck to her conviction. She knew she was right and she kept believing long after apparent defeat. Her husband secretly took the bent earring to a jeweler and presented it to her on their next anniversary.

How far would you walk?...How many times would you try?... How many years would you continue?...How many times would you get up after falling again and again?...if you believed your dreams would come true?

My friend is more than a dreamer. Dreamers are a dime a dozen. She acts out her dreams and in doing so creates them. The energy of the world manifested in God is attracted to positive actions and dreamers who do not quit. Thus the impossible dream does not exist in a world that focusses only on possibilities

All that and more can be yours if after battle and scars; tears and defeat; the new dawn finds you "Believing, still!"

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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