Beautiful pink roses.

Bent On Survival

"It would just look better with the others," I reasoned.

"But moving it might kill it," my wife said.

"Still, it looks lost without the others. I'll do my best," I replied.

"I never promised you a rose garden."

Okay, I had to say it.

It's the title of a song and very appropriate. We purchased three new rose bushes. We already had one in a small enclosed garden and every year it would only yield one or two roses.

But they were beauties.

I believe it happened because all the other plants in that little garden overwhelmed the rose bush.

So, with the addition of three new bushes, I decided to pull the old one out of the garden and place it with the others. I knew the shock of the transfer would cause it to weaken a bit.

It did. In fact, Marianne was right. It almost died.

One of the tallest, single branches, which was the most probable one to produce a rose, slumped dramatically.

After a few days the limp branch nearly touched the ground.

"It'll come back," I said trying to convince her I was right in doing this.

After a few days most of the plant seemed to respond.

But, in general, it looked bad.

"Should I cut that branch back?" she asked one day.

"No, just leave it," I said.

After about a week I approached the plant, cutter in hand, and reaching for it discovered, although still slumped and bent over, it had completely recovered. The branch was strong and firm.

Like author/speaker, Zig Ziglar describes in one of his speeches, "the pan of bisquits was placed in the oven. One bisquit squatted to rise but got cooked in the squat!"

This branch slumped over from the drastic change and nearly succumbed to it all, instead of completely rising up, regained full strength and abilities to produce a single rose.

Like seeing someone with physical challenges you might think they were unable to live life to the fullest. You'd be wrong. I have yet to meet anyone with such challenges who gave in, gave up and let go.

No, they too, were "cooked in the squat" and learned to live within the newly defined life to become all they could be. Strong within the boundaries of their new life, they blossom to become all they were created to be.

What challenges are you facing right now that for the time being have you beaten down?

Call upon every resource necessary and work within the new life God is providing for you.

"Bloom where you are planted."

Be "bent on survival!"

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~
[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2009 ( -- {used with permission} ]

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