Mother's Day Flowers.

Blessings To All Moms

My mother, Irene, bore 8 children in a 12 year span. I was the 7th out of 8 and the last girl.

Mother, as we all called her, was a stay at home mom until my brother and I were in Kindergarten and 1st grade respectively. She spent her whole life taking care of, and raising eight strong and independent children. She worked in my elementary school as a librarian, and in my middles school as an aide. She was well liked by the children and the staff and she did special things all the time to make you feel loved and cared for.

She was a great cook and an incredible baker. She took cake decorating courses to make cakes that would bring a smile to your face. Never once did she complain about the time it took to make half a doll body look like a princess. She would read us books. She would brush my hair every time I sat in front of her with hairbrush in hand. She was my protector, my healer, the one who comforted my and gave me confidence.

She used to ask every day, "Did I meet anyone that I like better than myself?" I never understood if I was supposed to say yes or no but I did know that the question made me think about who I had talked to and if they made an impact on me. Maybe she wanted to know if I made an impact on another.

Some times I wonder why God felt it necessary to take her from me before she got a chance to see my children grow or to see me mature as a human being. Why did she get a disease that robbed her of her mind and her emotions when they were the substance of who she was. Alzheimer's took my Mother from me. There was a point when she no longer knew who I was. Such sadness to have the woman who cared for you all of your life forget your name. Towards the end she became Irene, she was no longer Mother and I was a stranger to her.

Each of us has a story about our mothers. The women who brought us into the world or the women who raised us as our own. Good or bad, our lives are affected in a significant way. It was blessing to have a mother who loved me with her whole being. She was kind and she taught me to be appreciative and affectionate and considerate. She was smart, and she taught me how to love reading and writing and she made me believe that it was important to let people know when things were right as well as when things were wrong. She gave compliments freely. She made cookies and hot chocolate and had us sing Christmas carols. She was good to me when I brought a stray dog home or when I broke a jar filled with tadpoles.

She was a mother, the only one I knew, the one who taught me to be spiritual and who showed me love. As she looks down from Heaven, I want her and all the other mothers to know that they made a difference.

Your love is unique and no one can take your place. I send Blessings to all mothers, and to mine specifically, for the the goodness of their souls and for the life they gave us. May they be forever blessed.

~ Karen Carroll ~
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Karen lives in Central New Jersey with her 3 daughters, 2 dogs and a cat who loves to cuddle and then take a nip of your arm. She says, "Family life is hectic and wonderful and memories of my parents who are long gone makes me more aware of how important my children are."  Please take
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