Cat Angel

My son Tony is 17. On October 2nd, he celebrated his second anniversary of being seizure free following brain surgery. This story is not about him, it is about his guardian angel.

Sixteen years ago a guardian angel walked into our lives in the form of a cat. He was a year old and immediately bonded with Tony.

For sixteen years he watched over Tony. Whenever he sensed that Tony was going to have a seizure, which in those days was often, he would tear through the house calling me and leading me to wherever Tony was in the house.

Then he would sit on top of Tony preventing him from getting up and endangering himself, waiting for the seizure to come. After the seizure was over, he would nuzzle near Tony's ear purring him back to reality. There were many challenges for all of us over the years, but finally two years ago my son underwent brain surgery that would change his life forever.

Tony has not had a seizure these past two years. In fact as of this writing, October 3rd, we are finally allowed to use the word "cured."

As if my dear guardian angel knew his work here was done, last night he slept his final sleep. We held him as he died and told him we loved him, would miss him and that one day we would all be together in heaven.

I woke up this morning realizing that we had actually experienced two miracles in our lives, Tony being cured of epilepsy, and the miracle of our little guardian angel who watched over him all those years. He was a true friend and we will miss him.

Addendum -- Luke 4:10 (GNB)   "For the scripture says, 'God will order His angels to take good care of you'."

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