Clover Alert

      Since childhood, I have had this special "gift" of finding four leaf clovers wherever they may be lurking.

      One sweet summer vacation day, several of my childhood friends and I were playing in a field filled with daisies, when I discovered a four leaf clover -- and then another, and another.

      The hunt was on.

      While my friends were unsuccessful, it wasn't long before I had bagged several four leaf clovers and a five leaf clover!  Then I found a six leaf, then to my surprise and delight, a seven, an eight, and a nine.

      Many years later, upon opening my childhood Bible, dozens of dried, brittle memories of that day fell out bringing a smile to my face.  I'd forgotten putting the clovers there for safe keeping.

      After marrying Roy, my second husband (another stroke of "luck") and moving to the house we live in now, he was working on his motorcycle in the front yard.  When I took him out a glass of iced tea, I discovered he and the bike were practically rolling in a bed of four leaf clovers.

      Up to this point, Roy had never found a four leaf clover.  Here was a prefect chance.  How could he miss?  Four leaf clovers were popping up everywhere.  All he had to do was reach down and pick a clover, any clover.  But try as he might, he couldn't see even one!

      Finally, I pointed my toe at the biggest one in the lot.  At last, now he could say he'd at least picked one.

      Another time, while Roy and I were "flying" along the break down lane of Route 2 on our ten speed bikes, I squealed, "Hey, there's a four leaf clover!"  He had the audacity to question my ability to recognize a four leaf clover while riding a bike.

      "As if you can see a four leaf clover doing forty miles an hour!"

      "Oh yeah, well let's turn around right now," I demanded and pedaled back to where I'd seen the clover.

      Standing there triumphantly, I crowed, "Here it is.  Just like I said.  Come see!"

      Looking down to where I held it between my fingers, Roy relented, "That's unbelievable!"  He never questioned my unique talent after that.

      Last year, I spied a four leaf clover by the walkway as we carried groceries into the house.

      "Clover alert!" I chirped, and pointed in the general vicinity of where it was nestled among a host of threes.  After staring at the ground for what seemed like an eternity, Roy finally "found" the four leaf clover.

      I am still hoping for the day when I can claim finding a ten leaf clover, and Roy finds a four leaf all on his own, without the assistance of the "lucky eye" he married.

      Do I believe in luck or coincidence?  No way!

      Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights (James 1 :17).

      He puts the opportunity out there for us.  It is up to the "lucky ones" to take advantage of this seeming serendipity.

~ Kay Seefeldt ~

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