Couples dancing.

Dance of Love

Love is a dance. Friendship the partner.

Some predict it. Some see it grow.

There are those who are broad sided by it and are left faltering from the blow.

It is even said that some are swept off their feet.

Many fall in love and others fall out.

Love at first sight comes swirling in the night or light of day unexpectedly without hesitation.

Eyes connect and "the knowing" begins. Ask them afterwards and they can pinpoint the moment down to a precise second they "just knew." They were in love. Like birds of a feather the courtship begins. Some dance, some sing, feed, preen, build to impress.

I have seen it all, done it all, but never in my life have I seen it unfold perfectly before my eyes.

That is until recently.

I am an observer of life and a proud participant of "The Old Romantics" if there is such a club. Perhaps, I say proudly, one of the few males in membership.

Still, there comes a point when attending a family wedding becomes somewhat ordinary, another step in the evolution of and unfolding of life within family structure.

Long distance between us did not permit me the chance to see this couple's dance gradually unfold. I heard bits and pieces of love spoken and the "how they met" story.

Then one day I had the chance to see them face to face.

It was love at first sight...for me. I could clearly see it in her eyes. You know that sparkle, the smile that lit her face each and every time she looked at him.

Any man might acknowledge such feelings in spoken word woven through "lovey dovey" dialog like "Baby," or "my love."

He was different.

He glowed unashamedly at the very thought of her. His face, resplendent with love, the highest of all emotions, was accented by a slightly crooked smile adding to his "I'm one lucky guy" demeanor.

I loved watching them, watching each other.

Those who know me well enough, know that it is to a fault, my self appointed job to worry about everyone I know and love. That includes you.

I really don't like to describe it as worry. It really comes down to loving someone so much that I want the very best for them. The fault comes in false expectations that because I love them nothing bad would ever happen to them and all the dreams they hold in their hearts would come true over time.

Sounds right to me.

Reality, however, says that they will falter and stumble. No one can do a thing to prevent that. In fact, no one should, even if they could because this perfect love they share can only be sustained and strengthened by tests and life trials.

"Life" rules apply to love, but God reminds us that Love conquers all.

I can honestly say that it was in the last few dances at the wedding reception and for the first time in my life I decided that I did not have to worry about these two.

Throughout the evening they were constantly surrounded by people who loved them. Oh, of course. It was their wedding. That's why everyone was there.

I am not speaking just of family. They had in attendance friends from their childhood a few going back to pre-grade school, some old college friends, neighborhood pals and co-workers who through the years could just never let go of them.

I watched them all dance together in step with each other as if rehearsed over and over again throughout the years for this very moment, this special opening night show of shows.

They sang together songs of the past and present which held deep meaning in the hearts of everyone they knew.

Their voices blended, their dance moves pounded the dance floor right up until the very last song.

I stood there in the doorway by myself and watched until the very end, as the final note of the last song in this celebration played.

To my joy and astonishment the man of her dreams dropped to his knees one more time bowing to the woman he adored.

Yes, I cried. You see, I always tell you that I see things most people don't. I had felt guilty all evening for having the honor and privilege of being there because there were two people who should have been instead.

But at the very end, off to one side on the dance floor I could see their fathers Nabih and Richard who had sadly passed before "the dance" began.

I smiled, they nodded in approval because they knew their own music will play on in the hearts of their children, Allison and Chris, as they have now begun their own "Dance of Love."

"Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd of had to miss the dance." Garth Brooks.

Thanks for the dance, Allison!

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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