Ballroom Dancing.

Dancing With My Stars

Everyone loves to dance!

Well, it appears that most people either enjoy dancing or watching dancing. I would imagine that the television network, ABC, gambled on their show Dancing with the Stars.

It was a gamble that hit the jackpot. Don't let ABC know this, but I don't get it. Perhaps it's because I've always had two left feet. Couple that with the fact that I was almost killed in an injury when I was 19 resulting in right side paralysis, and I guess you could say I now have "1-1/2 left feet."

Regardless, I still don't get the phenomenon and I am happy for the show's millions of viewers.

Some time ago, after I was injured, I tried to dance. My father was retiring as Senior Rabbi of his synagogue and the synagogue was having a party for him at a hotel ballroom with a band and, you guessed it, there was dancing.

Everyone was there, everyone was dancing, everyone was having a good time. Though most might have questioned my attempt to dance, I never let that get to me.

So, with the band playing melodiously, I stood up from my seat at the table and calmly asked my 82-year-old grandmother sitting to my left, "Grandma, would you like to dance?

My mother's mother then replied, "MichaelŠ oh noŠ my back is killing me and my feet are aching as well. But thank you for the offer."

I then quickly went to my grandmother's left where my other grandmother, my 90 year old father's mother, was sitting and asked her the same question.

"Honey, my knees are killing me and my neck is so sore, but if you can go out to the dance floor, I can go as well."

That was my "bubbie" (Yiddish for grandmother) -- a spit fighter full of spirit, always willing to try anything.

My bubbie and I went to the dance floor and began "dancing." All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my left shoulder.

"Michael, may I cut in on bubbie?" It was my mother's mother! I smiled and said, "Of course."

Both my grandmothers were in pain -- however, both grandmothers were willing to try.

Both grandmothers have since passed away, but I will always remember that evening when I was honored to "Dance With My Stars." I believe it was their last dance.

As I looked to the heavens, I smiled and lovingly said, "Thank you. First, for the dance, but more importantly, for teaching me so much about life."

~ Michael Segal ~
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Shot in the head during a robbery, Michael Jordan Segal defied all odds by first surviving and then returning to college. He then earned two degrees with honors, married his high school sweetheart, Sharon, and became a father to their daughter Shawn. Currently Michael is working on two book projects and a CD, entitled POSSIBLE, with some of his short stories, available on his website: Youtube:
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