Do you believe in Saint Nick?

The child asks, "Is there a Santa? Is he really real?"

I must reply, "He is my dear, so let your heart be still. You see I know he did exist, a man of flesh and bone, he loved the Lord and felt the call to protect the faith and the ones the Lord calls His own.

He lived in small town in what is now Turkey. He was a Bishop of a small town, called Myra. It was so many years ago many say his story canít be found. But it can be found in records, if you will look and see. At the Counsel of Nicaea, in 300 A.D., he stood the test you see.

When months of fighting between the bishops began to take itís toll, brave Nicklaus stood up to fight for God and right and all. He told all that would listen that Jesus was truly God. He would not budge an inch you see when he stood for his First Love. Another Bishop would not bend, he would not listen to his friend. Nicklaus after all the words, four months of talk went on, used his fists instead! And then he still fought on and won!

A poor family lived in Nicklausí parish. The three daughters faced lives of poverty and shame if no one would help. With no money for a dowery they had no way to wed. No husband meant shame and disgrace. It also meant no one was there to take care of her, for women could not work. So good "Saint Nick" dropped gold coins into drying stockings while they all slept in bed. Did he drop it down the chimney or in a window by the bed? Who knows? Who really cares? His love shines on, no matter how the deed was done.

On the night to remember Godís greatest gift, His coming as a babe, Saint Nicklaus gave small gifts and candy to poor children who came to his church door. He stood and told one and all the story of the Christ childís birth. His death and resurrection and all that is worth. All this was done to remind them, and us, of Godís gift, His Son. A gift given to all, regardless of what theyíve done.

So how can I say this man did not live and that he does not live today? His life was such a shining example of Christís love for us. So now, in his great spirt and unfailing heart felt love, many of us reach out to others to give gifts that remind all who receive of Godís love for them.

So does he live? As sure as you and I, he does! When we remember to share Godís love with one and all, regardless of their worth. When we tell the story of Christís birth he lives again anew."

So go now in Godís spirt, and show His love as Nicklaus of Mira did. As God lives Devine today. Saint Nick lives on in our memory as we show others Christís love."

May all believe in Jesus, who Saint Nick honored with his gifts.

[ by: Carolyn Hoagland, Copyright © 2000 ]


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