Young man with both arms raised towards Heaven in praise.

On the Edge of Darkness and Light

When your life comes to a halt and you feel like you are going nowhere... Stillness makes for a good resting place.

Your mind is racing in all directions.

Your heart is pounding.

You are finished, done with all the worry, all the planning.

The sun rises low on the horizon pouring across the grass like blazing lava.

You stand there shaking slightly as the chilled night air at your back reminds you the night is over. It's all behind you.

Having been in the darkness for so long, the light is new to you.

You tilt your head left and then right. Squinting, rubbing your eyes releasing the last tear drop left behind from all too many tears shed over this.

It is, as they say, a new dawn, a new beginning.

You rise up, stand taller to face the sun.

A peaceful smile appears freed from all the pain and your arms spring upward suddenly without explanation.

Then words slip out, quietly at first, and you marvel at the idea that you can finally say something good, something liberating, that frees you from the ugliness and desperation.

You whisper, "Thank you!" as the sun now warms your very being blanketing you from head to toe.

You shout, "It's over!"

Your body slowly sways back and forth to the rhythm of hope. Your arms raise and lower like you are about to conduct a masterpiece written only for you.

A gentle breeze interrupts.

You close your eyes knowing that this time, and from now on, there will not be the darkness that once consumed you.

You have given your life over to Him and with Him comes the Light.

This is what faith is. This is what prayer does.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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