Mouse looking like it is floating above a man's hand.

The Big Eyes Of A Tiny God

It is what I had to do and I was forgiven.

It is that time of year when clearing out the old means replacing them with things that are necessary for the changes that life brings.

I walked through my yard and saw what was left of the growing season. There really wasn't much. A flower here, the long grape vine which bore no fruit this year and a pepper that lay broken on the ground, melting into the soil perhaps to return again next year.

The green stalks which held the best fruit of our labor are now brown and bent to the ground.

I still hold out hope for the flowers nearest our back door. They have whithered, too, but with a little imagination I can still see the sparkle of red, and the dash of yellow that greeted me each morning on the way to feeding the fish in our tiny pond.

The autumn wind and chilly nights now finds me at the shed which stores all the seasons of our lives.

It was time to pull out the snow blower for inspection. We've had snow in October before and I am no longer in any condition to shovel it away if it should surprise us again this year.

Bypassing the now empty flower pots, greenhouse panels and handwoven baskets, I tugged and pulled until I finally got the machine just outside the shed.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tiny field mouse run toward the nearby bush.

"Hey, where are you going? I'll be finished here in a minute," I said. It stuck it's tiny head from underneath the bush and ran toward the snow blower.

Closer inspection told me that it had made it's winter home underneath one of the covers on the top side of the blower.

"Not a good place to be, my friend." I said.

I could not start this machine knowing that inside perhaps there was a family of these creatures, so I found my tools and carefully pulled out the rather complex stash of straw, bits and pieces of paper and a few familiar clips of string.

I stood up for a second and it returned. My heart melted as I watched it go through the remains of what must have been many days of collecting, storing and weaving a home.

God has blessed me with an ability to connect with His tiniest of creatures. I mean them no harm and they seem to know it, like the dying bird I once held in my hand, this tiny mouse came crawling toward me.

It was remarkable. The body was shaped like a tear drop with a slim tail trailing behind.The eyes were so big I felt jealous for a moment. If I can see life's details the way I do now, I wondered for what the world looked like through those eyes.

I tried to explain why I had to do this. "If I had not noticed you, you'd be dead and now you live to start again." I said.

God once spoke those very same words to me.

Lowering its head it walked along the edge of my boot fearing nothing from me.

God is in all things, that creature, me and the time we shared.

I simply can't forget that moment when I looked into the big eyes of a tiny God and was forgiven.

May God also forgive me for the big things I do.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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