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September 11, 2001 (Tuesday) - For all victims of the terrorism tragedy in the United States of America, and the loved ones left behind.

On a Wednesday in September, I traveled south to a funeral. It was a day of sadness, yet one of rejoicing for the wonderful human being we had the opportunity of knowing.

It was also a time of great adversity and sorrow for all North Americans. It had only been days since the September 11 attack by terrorists, on the United States.

Driving along a Canadian prairie road that day, I saw a huge convergence of trucks and other vehicles, along with people on horseback. It seemed like there were cowboys and cowgirls on their horses out in the middle of nowhere. I could also see two flags were flying -- the Canadian flag and the American flag. The group was traveling south toward the U.S. border.

I became choked with emotion at the sign of togetherness. I had no idea what was going on, and later, when I discovered what it was all about, wished I had stopped and asked.

It turned out they were traveling down to the border to meet American riders. The Canadian cowboys were raising cash along the way and, when they arrived at the border, they gave what they had collected.

Everywhere I go I see neighbors, friends and relatives looking for ways they can express their thoughts and prayers to the American people. Canadians look for ways to help and make a difference. It looked like quite a few cowboys found a way to help.

As I left the small town where I'd driven to attend the funeral, rain drops touched my windshield. Good, I thought, with this drought perhaps we'd see a bit of rain. I felt as if the rain drops were representative of the tears of angels for their joy at being reunited with grandpa Orban.

Suddenly, it was as if the sky opened and the rain became so forceful that visibility was difficult. When I slowed to a crawl, I saw it. Large and glorious, whipping in the wind, perched atop an irrigation watering system, flew a flag! It was an American flag, to honor the thousands who died September 11.

I was so greatly touched that I began to cry. I thought about all those lives ending so abruptly. And yet, I cried too because I was so touched by the warm act of love demonstrated by a single farmer. This Canadian farmer was flying the American flag sending out his message of respect and love to his American neighbors to the south.

The farmer erected the American flag to pay tribute and say with his actions what words just couldn't say.

"We're with you, dear friends. We are with you in spirit. We ache for you. We cry for you. We pray for you. We will not forget!"

Then the storm was suddenly gone and I passed into the most glorious sunshine. The feeling was unbelievable. I felt like God was sending a promise for better things to come.

[ Ellie Braun-Haley ( -- from 'Heartwarmers' ]


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