White gift box with a big red ribbon.

Give Yourself a Gift

Imagine thereís a beautifully wrapped gift on your kitchen counter waiting to be opened. By you. The gift is intriguing and it begs for your attention. But first Ö before you tear it open like a 4- year old with no self-control, here are a few things to know about the gift:
  1. Itís unique because you give this gift to yourself. No one can give this to you. Oh, they might like to, but they canít. You are the only person who can give this gift, and you can give it only to yourself.

  2. Itís free. Even if you want to purchase it, you canít. Itís not for sale. You canít buy it anywhere. Not from a neighborhood department store, a tiny boutique or a catalog.

  3. It may be the perfect gift. Itís a WOW gift! Special. One youíll always remember.
Howís that for sweetness? A perfect gift that is free that you give to yourself. Does it get any better than that? Plus, you donít need a special occasion to give this gift; you can give it at any time.

So Ö what is the gift? I donít know. Itís different for each of us because this package represents: the gift of a goal. And thatís why only you can answer the question. Only you know what your goal is. Only you know your innermost desires, what motivates you and what gives you strength. The gift of a goal is a unique gift because we give it to ourselves and, in turn, it gives back to us. A good goal gives us energy.

Itís not always easy to discover and develop your goal. But youíll know when you have it. Youíll see it, know it and feel it in your heart. Mostly, you feel it in your heart.

Itís a little bit like falling in love. Think about the time(s) you were in love. Remember that glorious feeling of being alive? When your senses were highly refined? The colors Ö brilliant. Sounds Ö radiant. Feelings Ö intense.

Like falling love, a good goal will dazzle, amaze, tantalize and tease. A good goal will make your heart pound! Itís like magic Ö the transformation, that greater meaning we have when we are motivated and charging after our goals in an unstoppable manner.

All that can be yours if you give yourself this powerful gift. Itís an awesome, magical, life-enhancing gift.

Now is the time to claim the radiant vitality, the joyous passion and the magnificent obsession that is yours, and yours alone. Now is the time to give yourself the gift of a goal. Your goal. Your gift. Your gift to yourself.

~ Mary Wollney ~
Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved

Mary is a speaker and the author of two weekly columns. She is known as ĎThe Letter Ladyí for her innovative program that helps both busy baby boomers and their aging parents. This unique program addresses a seldom-discussed ailment affecting millions of senior citizens: loneliness. As a Stay-at-Home Granddaughter, Mary was able to discover some of the unspoken needs of seniors. Her program helps them stay connected in a familiar and non-intrusive way. To contact her, or for additional information on her creative solution, you can reach her at mwollney@gmail.com

[ by: Mary Wollney Copyright 2010 ( mwollney@gmail.com ) -- submitted by: Mary Wollney ]

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