Hometown USA.

Going Home

I was invited to go home.

It was a Facebook page about people who grew up in my hometown, Kingston Pa.

I was excited to note references to places and people I remember from my childhood. The little stores, the great pizza and the Firehouse Dances.

That was particularly exciting for me because my band played there for years. The music we played was from our time and kids my age came there to dance, meet friends and yes, fall in love even at an age when you couldn't really define love.

I picked up on the places referenced but I didn't recognize too many names. Younger people? Older? A mix.

But my section of town wasn't represented.

I jumped in on a few conversations. No one responded. I went back a few times to visit again. Then I began reading negative remarks about the town. I began defending them. I live in this area. What they were portraying was wrong.

One person went as far as researching current stats on population decline and business downsizing to defend the attacks.

"Ah, there's no place like home!"

We were once called "The Valley with a Heart," after the Agnes Flood of 1972.

Still is. Really always was. It's the people.

The group was now "People who once lived in Kingston, moved away and want to prove they were right in doing so."

They left home and from their new perspective this old Kingston was a dump. "Houses deteriorating", "businesses boarded up."

I now live just outside Kingston. I drive through my hometown several times a week. I eat there I shop there and I love it.

I know there are problems like every other town. I know there are sections that changed and faded from the glory of the past. But it's a great town and a great area to work, play and raise a family in.

No, it's not the "Mayberry" they remembered. Few places are.

I decided to defend my hometown. I got slammed by the very people who claimed it as their own, too.

The difference is they moved away. Note they still come home once in awhile. Why, if it's so bad? They really just ride around looking for ways to justify leaving the area.

But they still call it home. How could they? They put it down, criticize it and in doing so insult us.

I just look around and see beautiful homes, wonderful people, thriving businesses, growth, opportunity and yes, some old friends who are also still here.

It's home.

I decided to leave the group. I really don't belong to any groups. This was the first one I joined.

I went home and saw ungratefulness, arrogance, and some people I never really would have liked anyway.

That wasn't my Kingston.

Maybe that saying is right..."You can never go home again." Hopefully they won't.

I'm old fashioned. I believe in my hometown. It was the foundation of who I am today and who I will become in all my tomorrows. I look for the good and find it in all things.

But don't bash my hometown! Tell me about your hometown. I'd loved to visit with you.

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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