He Heard

Editor: Please enjoy the story for what it is, and don't be distracted by the non-American style of English.

He woke up one fine morning. He heard the chipping birds in the dew drop trees and plants with beautiful flowers but he was not able to see. Then he heard the morning bell from the church near by still he could not see. Yes, he is a born blind. Thank God he was able to hear the sound.

He heard a small boy's voice saying, "what a pleasant morning" but he, could not make any difference for the day and the night is the same for him. Then he heard a man saying to his neighbor "Ain't you coming to church this morning", and continued, "the day is beautiful and the church is decorated with great tidings for the son of David, JESUS is coming today". His mind was thinking about the beauty of the day. "What is beauty?" Said he, to himself. For he know not what it is.

After a while, he heard a couple of by passers talking to each other about the new pieces of dress materials available in the market. The colors, make and the model, by then he were thinking about the variety they were talking which he can't see. He called them and asked about the price, they laughed at him and said, "Do blind need a garment of rich and beauty?"

That afternoon he was sitting in the place where his friends left him. He started his daily job for his life; he had to beg. He heard strange noises of cry and troubled people. He then said, " Will somebody help me". His eyes were filled with tears and the drops running down his cheeks. Within him he heard, "You blind one, whom do you think you are? You are supposed to beg not cry for you are a born blind beggar."

While he was thinking about his poverty stricken life he heard the church clergyman say, "the beggars please go aside for JESUS son of David is coming today". Then ordered the workers to clean the place. He asked the one beside him, "Who is this JESUS? Is he a man from Kings court"? "No" said the one next to him, "I heard that he preach the truth of salvation". Then he said, "If so can we get to HIM and ask the way for our salvation". The man next to him said, "Are you crazy"? Only the church and the people from higher authorities can approach him. You know who you are, a good for nothing blind man."

During the evening he heard a group of people singing, "Hosanna" meaning the kingdom of God is at hand. Now he became very curious, "Why do they sing about the Kingdom of God"? He shouted. Another man near by said, "Don't you know about JESUS the son of David. He claims to be the Son of the living God and he does miracles. People surround him all the time. Today he is visiting our church which they feel as a great honor". "Can I meet him"? Asked he. "May be or may be not for I am trying to see him for months."

The crowd became restless and he heard the people shouting "JESUS, JESUS". The blind man was at the back of the courtyard and was able to know only through the comments of the people nearby, one said, "He healed the sick" another one said, "he casted out demons" the third member of the group said, "He fed the poor". This time he asked, "Did he saw the need for the poor? If so I am poor why can't he see me"? No body even bothered to answer him.

Suddenly there was a change in program of JESUS. HE is not visiting the church he is going to Jerusalem for He is running short of time. The crowd then started pushing him and going towards Jesus. He heard the roaring sound of the great multitude. In his heart he heard, "Why not ask this Jesus for help? He hears the poor". With the energy he had he shouted aloud, "Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me". The one nearby took hold of him and said, "Are you crazy? Do you know what you are up to? You please shut up and sit down". More people from the church rushed towards him and asked him to keep quite, not to disturb Jesus for he is running short of time. Then again he heard the crowed crying, "Long live the King, for he knows the need of the poor". This time he said to himself, "If HE hears the need of the poor, then I am a poor in the world and now I have a need" With all his strength he said, " Son of David have mercy upon me."

The crowd stopped, the cry stopped and it was still. This time he heard nothing. With mild voice he said, "Have I done something wrong? Why is the place so quiet"? Two men came nearby and said, "Come with us". He said, "Sir, please forgive me if I have done something wrong for I am a poor blind beggar". He heard, "Bartimaeus, What do you want me to do for you."?

Who is this? He heard "THE VOICE". The voice, which healed the sick, the voice that cast out demons, and the voice that spoke the word and the voice by itself is the word now in Flesh. Bartimaeus was full of surprises. "Jesus, is this you the Son of David"? Jesus said, "What do you want me to do for you"? He heard, he heard the voice of the living God, the salvation of his life and the future of his life. He heard the one who could answer to his need. He heard the one who will listen to him and not mock at him. He heard the one who will make him to see and not feel him to see. Now it is time for him to talk to the one who is everything. With great courage in his mind he said, "Master, let me see."

He heard for the last time in his life with blindness, "You may go; your faith has healed you". His eyes were opened for the first time. As he was coming out from his mother's womb and giving out his first breath in the earth, he now opens his first sight and sees the King of Kings. He now saw; saw the beauty standing in front of him with a smile that will not go away from his sight. He heard the crowd again, "Praise be to the King" from within he, shouted, "Praise be to Jesus, Son of Man for now I know for sure he is God."

The night came by, he heard the pastor reading from the book of Genesis "Look up to the stars". He looked up to the stars for the first time in his life and remembered the story of Abraham's faith. He heard the voice within him saying, "I bet you know, what is faith by this time". With a smile in his face and tears in his eyes he looked up to the heaven and said, "It is worth being a blind". He heard the voice from heaven above, "Well done my son, well done."

[ Author VGS Rajesh -- submitted by Caroline Naoroji ]


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