Jesus, with His arms around the shoulders of a young boy and girl.

I'm proud of you!

Does anyone say it any more? When I heard it the other day, it caught my attention. It was like hearing something oddly familiar but distant and faint in my memory.

You know, like things your grandmother used to say.

I needed to understand why. I mean, it just doesn't seem right that a phrase so powerful would not be heard and used regularly.

"I'm proud of you!"

When was the last time you said that to someone? Not just someone you love, but a neighbor, friend, or co-worker.

To a neighbor...
"You make a difference in the world in everything you do. I watch the people around you, how they react whenever you're there. They smile, laugh often and feel better for having had you in their day, even if ever so briefly. I'm proud of you!"

To a Friend...
"You take on the challenges of life and never give in. You might not always win, but you don't lose for lack of trying. I'm proud of you!"

To a co-worker...
"You care. It shows in the way you do your work. You not only do your job, you care about the details, the goals and the outcome. I'm proud of you!"

To a child...
"You didn't hit a home run, but you played with your heart in every game. You never missed a practice, you tried your very best. That's a home run in my book. I'm proud of you!"

To your spouse or partner...
"We'll get through this together. Yes, you lost your job, but so did many others. I see great determination in your eyes. I love you even more in the difficult times because that's when you shine and the world sees your best. I'm proud of you!"

Now for you, my "friend I've never met"...

"You take time each day to search out and read positive, uplifting messages on the internet. Your love for people shows when you pass along special messages for your friends facing challenges. Your faith is strong and evident when you lift up others, offer spiritual support and encouragement and pray for people you don't even know. You are a part of the world's largest support group giving hope to those whose only connection to others may be the internet.

"I'm proud of you!"
~ Bob Perks ~
[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2009 ( -- {used with permission} ]

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