I Knew There Was A God

I remember when back when I was growing up, my family and me lived in a house that didn't have electricity. We had free gas, so we didn't get cold. But we didn't have much money because my dad couldn't find a good job in those days, to feed the family of eleven hungry children. At the start of the school year, we would each get a new pair of shoes, one pair of pants, and one shirt, and the girls would get one dress, and the frilly things to go with it. This would have to last us all through the school year, unless someone would give us clothing, which seldom happened, because most families were as bad off as we were.

But we had love and we worked together doing all the chores, raising the garden for food. Sometimes but not very often someone would give us a pig to raise and we would be very grateful for that, because that would mean meat on the table in the fall. When it came to Thanksgiving we would have chicken for dinner, for we raised chickens. Once a year we were thankful for our free thanksgiving lunch at school, for that is the only time we had a hot meal at school and we thought that was a treat.

At Christmas we would get homemade candy and cakes, But we hardly ever got new toys or clothing because my mother and dad couldn't afford them, but sometimes we got old toys that people would throw out in the trash dumps and my dad would find them and fix them up for us. Most of the time we would make our own toys. When I was 13 we moved to the mountain where we lived for a few years, but it was even a harder life, but we still had a kind of close bonding among each other. We had a lot of good times up there on the mountain, but we had even more problems there. My dad couldn't find any job up there so he would cut brush to make a few dollars to pay on the electric bill and the grocery bill which was not that much in those days.

There was a preacher that came to our house one day and ministered to us and asked my mother if he could bring some of the church people to our house sometime, and she told him it would be ok. So in a few days he returned with five people and we had church right there in our house. I remember my older sisters would stand up and testify and just cry and cry, but I really didn't understand it right then, but it wasn't very long after that my eyes were opened to see that there was a God.

It was that year at Christmas that I realized in my heart there was truly a God. It was another year we wouldn't have a lot of new stuff for Christmas, until Christmas when two trucks pulled up in our driveway and a person got out dressed like Santa Claus came to the door with loads of presents and food. Each present was wrapped in pretty paper and had each of our names on them, and when we got to open them it was new clothes , shoes and coats and every thing was exactly the right size. I knew right then it was from God, because nobody had talked to my parents about the sizes. How else could they have known?

I never ever found out who the people actually were, but I just knew it was God, Since then, I have been a Christian, in my mind, but it wasn't until four years ago that I gave my life to the Lord once and for all. Now I am grown up and still believe and live for God, I will always remember those days, especially every time I see the show called "The Walton's" that will remind me just exactly what we all should do, and not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We need to take care of our brothers and sisters every day of the year.

So if you feel led in your heart to pass this on to anyone just say a prayer for your brothers and sisters when you send it, and God will pour out his blessings on their family and your family too.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray and confess your word over my family and surround them with my faith. I believe and confess that you give your angels charge over my family to accompany and defend and preserve them in all their ways. You, Lord, are their refuge and fortress. You are their glory and the lifter of their heads. O Lord, my Lord, how majestic and glorious is your name in all the earth. You have set your glory on or above the Heavens. You have established strength because of your foes, that you might silence the enemy. I sing praise to your name on most high. We thank you in Jesus name. AMEN.

[ Submitted by: Wanda Clarke ]


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