In The Woods

"When in the woods and forest glades I wander..." *
I went to church today.  Not a man-made building of brick and mortar. Not a temple, mosque or synagogue.  I simply wandered off the road I planned on taking and headed down the path chosen for me this time.  

I walked across the bridge and looked upon the water.  Pausing for a moment I suddenly felt overwhelmed and insignificant.

It was all bigger than I.  Not just in size.  Even the pebble in the brook appeared more important.

How can that be?  I am a chosen child of God.  I have been given great powers and a grand purpose in life.

A rock.  The moss on the tree and the tiniest of fish swimming below suddenly put me in my place.

Off in the distance I could hear water pouring into the brook.  It called me like it knew my name.

A bit uneasy and feeling out of place, I walked slowly toward the sound and turning to my right I saw it.

A grand cathedral.  A holy the woods.

As if directing a movie, a documentary of sorts, starting where I stood, my eyes panned across the water.  Pausing for a moment, I captured images of rushing water and followed the source.  Upward, higher and higher, the image surrounded now by green, lush, pillars,  my eyes took in the grandeur of this perfect place of solitude and peace.

The water honestly appeared to be pouring from the heavens.

Lost in the presence of God's creation, I, now disconnected from the worries, pain and sadness of my day, felt as if I had been called home and did not know it.

        "When I look down
        from lofty mountain grandeur
        And hear the brook
        and feel the gentle breeze..." *
        Tears, like the water fall before me,
        ran endlessly down my face.
        Looking up I whispered "thank you, God."
        "Then sings my soul
        my savior God to thee
        How great Thou art
        How great Thou art..." *
        Looking around me, alone in the wood
        I suddenly saw myself true
        I lifted my hands right where I stood
        and cried "God what would I do without you?"
        Then the words of the song that played in my heart
        began to rise with the breeze
        In honor of all He created for me
        I sang as I fell to my knees...
        "Then I shall bow
        in humble adoration
        And there proclaim
        my God how great thou art!
        Then sings my soul
        my savior God to Thee
        How great thou art
        How great thou art!" *
Turning away was difficult, but I returned to my car and headed for home. Not wanting to waste one morsel of inspiration I send this with speed and purpose directly to you.

Do not fret about anything of this world. I found life upon awakening and God "In the woods."

*From the song "How great thou Art"

~ Bob Perks ~

[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2006 ( -- {used with permission} ]

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