Junior and Sammy

This is the story of Junior, the cat, and his "daughter" Sammie, the Pomeranian.

We were blessed with Junior, an oversized cat, who sees himself as delicate and fragile, and expects to be treated as such.  Junior was given to my son and we think he was about two years old.  He had ruled the house alone and happily so for many months.

I had told my son about seeing a story on the news regarding some "meth head" that had burned his dog alive because the poor thing wouldn't quit barking, and it had no water or food.

This must have made a huge impression on him.  He had attended an auction with several of his friends, which was to benefit Toys for Tots.  A local woman had donated a registered Red Pomeranian puppy, not quite 6 weeks old.  Two of the folks who were bidding were known to be drug users, and thinking he would purchase the puppy to save her, he continued bidding. This frustrated the drug addicts tremendously, and eventually my son won custody of little tiny Sammie and brought her home.

Junior, whom we figured would consider her an intruder and possibly hurt her, stood there disdainfully, observing this little wobbly creature.  Finally, the cat raised his nose in the air and walked over to investigate what this little ball of fur could be. We stood, holding our breath, and to our complete amazement, this huge Tomcat, proceeded to wash the puppy’s face, and clean her up all over.  He washed her tummy to stimulate her ‘natural functions’, and then cleaned her up after she did what she was supposed to do. He loved her, showed her the food bowl, (she still likes cat food), and the water bowl, and pretty much stood guard over her like a loving parent. This is why we call Sammie, Junior’s daughter.  She left her mama too soon, but he adopted her.

He still, to this day (Sammie will be eight in August, and Junior will be ten), Junior tenderly cleans Sammie’s eye area, as with a lot of Pomeranians, she has drippy eyes. In reciprocation, Sammie cleans Junior’s ears for him. What a pair!  Junior was nearly frantic when Sammie was hospitalized both times, and when he came home, it was a sweet reunion to watch.  I dread the thought of something happening to either one of them, because I know the other will grieve deeply.

The other night I woke up and looked down and Junior and Sammie are curled up together in Sammie’s little bed.

[ by Darlene Khan, Copyright © 2006 (mamakhan719@yahoo.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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