Left Behind  (a goose story)

This story began about six months ago; when nights began to get frosty and a cold chill was in the air to greet the early-morning risers.  The weathermen, and old folks with arthritis, had been forecasting that a strong cold front was moving south out of Canada and would be in the area soon.

On that particular morning I had crawled out of a warm and heat-pad toasty bed to check for bills in my box at the Post Office, and then on to Muskogee to shop for a few groceries.

Nothing exciting happened or came into view until I had left the Post Office and was well on my way to the grocery store.  No traffic, just a quite peaceful drive, at a time when there is not much traffic and a person can putter along at a no-hurry speed.

Here is where the preface ends and the goodie part of the story begins, so let's forget the Post Office, bills, and get on with the story.

I had just come down a mountain road, rounded a bend at the bottom, and was on a straightaway near a small settlement when off to my right I saw a flock of Canadian geese resting at the edge of a pond.  These poor geese were the most tired of any geese I had ever seen.  Dead tired.  Some had their head tucked under one of their wings and were sound asleep.  Others were to tired to even put their head under a wing and just let it droop down onto the ground.  They too were sound asleep.  Of all the birds in the flock only one appeared to be wide awake and alert.  A sentinel no doubt.  He was very impressive, especially knowing that he had made the same trip with the others and was just as tired as they were.  Still, his head was held high and watching.

The field and pond where the geese had decided to rest was a very good place for them. There they would be free from hunters and most predators.  Actually, it would be more than a good place for them to rest because there are many wheat and other grain fields in the immediate area where they could forage for food.

In years gone by I have witnessed many flocks of geese stop at the pond to rest for a day, and then fly on to green pastures.  I can't recall ever seeing a flock stay at the pond for more than a couple of days before leaving so I didn't expect to see these ever again.  'Course I can't tell the difference of one Canadian goose from another (my eyesight is failing and ain't what it used to be) - can you?

Anyway, these geese were smarter than most because they didn't leave like the other flocks.  I only go grocery shopping about once each week and they were all there, both when I was going and returning.  Flight time to their feeding grounds may have been between four to forty-four minutes.  Close enough for any goose and still have a near perfect place to return and spend the night.

Spring is here now and the flocks of geese have migrated back to Alaska and Canada for their summer home, and nesting.  The little flock at the pond was no different.  They are also gone.  All except one lone goose who did not fly away with the flock.  Left behind!

What a terrifying thing it must be for this one lone goose to be "left behind."  It's mate, it's offspring, it's friends, it's acquaintances all gone!  Not even another goose to keep watch while it sleeps, leaving it unguarded to a roving predator that might wander into the area.  Not even another goose to quack at.  It's sad but the "left behind" goose probably won't live until the flock returns in the fall.

The story of the goose is true and it brings the following thoughts to mind:

Will you be "left behind" when Jesus calls the sheep of His flock to fly away and meet Him in the sky?  Your chance of survival on earth during the tribulation days are less that of the goose in the above story.  Will you be left behind to fend for yourself when your "born again" loved-ones, friends, and acquaintances fly away to be with their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, forever?

Now is the accepted time of salvation.

The rapture is imminent.

All born-again Christians, living and deceased, will leave earth in the "twinkling of an eye" when the trumpet sounds and Jesus calls.

Don't take the chance of being "left behind."  Get saved, then baptized.  Fly away with family and friends when Jesus calls.

Sample Prayer:

Dear God,

I realize that I am a sinner and believe and understand that you sent your Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross as payment for my sins.  I accept Him as my Lord and Saviour.  Please forgive all of my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.  Thank you God.   In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen.

Peace be with you, and... Have A Jesus Filled Day.

[ by: John H. Arney, Copyright © 2005 -- submitted by: John H. Arney (johnarney@starnetok.net) ]


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