Bacon, eggs, and toast.

Let Me Take Care Of That!

Permit me to clear something up. I don't tell you about these things to brag. The things I do, I do because I believe that I should do them. We all need each other. We all need to do for each other. I do because God tells me to do.

I'd rather die than to stop doing for others.

There. Now let me tell you this story.

We were having breakfast at a small restaurant where the eggs come out not the way you asked for them, but the way he makes them because he's busy. You ask for bacon you get bacon his way even if you want it crispy or limp.

You want toast, you'll get it. Maybe not so toasty, but it's at least the kind of bread you asked for.

It's almost always crowded because it's located in a senior high rise and right next to a preparatory school. The seniors eat there because it gets them out into the public. The kids eat there, well because it's cheap and the tuition isn't.

Oh, yes, it's crowded because the guy that owns it is really a great guy.

I asked for eggs over medium well. I got them over easy. I always ask, I always get over easy. My wife asked for crispy bacon. The special includes two strips. Sometimes you get two. Sometimes more because they are all clumped together.

When you ask for extra crispy, you get a clump of oily dark, almost unrecognizable bacon because crispy doesn't mean he cooks it long on the grill. It means he grabs a bunch and deep fries it.

It's a trick of the trade.

You always get plenty of refills of coffee. The coffee is good. Maybe that's the real reason for going there.

We ate, I grabbed the check and stood at the register behind a young man.

Not any young man. He was a soldier. I waited for the waitress to ring up his check and quickly said, "Let me take care of that." I reached past the young man before she could take his money.

"Sir," he said. "You don't..."

I placed my hand on his arm and said "Thanks for what you do."

He reached out and shook my hand and said, "Thank you sir."

Now when I write about such things I sometimes get emails from people telling me that I am "bragging" and God tells us to do things quietly and without recognition. They often suggest that I am self centered and self promoting because I tell you such things.

Well, forgive me. You are wrong.

The check was for less than $5.00. Really no big deal. I am far from wealthy and rely solely on income from my words, my voice and the pretty face I have. Okay, I couldn't make a dime with that.

I share these little things because I'm teaching, not preaching. I share these little things because I am a little man who, in a world of big money and bigger lies, I teach little people like me that they can do little things to touch lives in a big way.

Yes, if I were wealthy I may very well do bigger things. But I'd do more, many more little things, too.

This one made me cry. Oh, hell, I'm always crying because I love people, I care, I worry, I want more for them then they want for themselves.

I wept and I'm proud of it because this soldier was just a boy. The very second I touched his sleeve I felt this soft cottony camouflage shirt. My kids wore pajamas like that.

I don't know why this was such a big deal for me, but when I see soldiers I see armour, strength, a shield even I could hide behind.

As I looked up I saw the flag on his shoulder and then I looked into his eyes.

He was just a kid. Did I mention that?

I mean this man of men was just a blond haired, blue eyed kid who was in uniform because he made a decision to give his life to protect his country.

God, he was a just a kid willing to lay his life down so this old man could choose to do what he felt God wanted him to do. And yes, he is laying his life down so that you have the freedom to call me self centered and showy and full of myself for sharing this story.

I looked back at my wife at the table and she knew what I had done. She expected me to.

You see, I heard a calling "pay for his check" and answered.

He, this boy, this young man who should be living a normal life, chasing after dreams and girls and hot cars, answered a call, too.

His country said, "We need good men and women to protect our freedom."

He replied, "Let me take care of that!"

He's paying my check with his life and dedication.

Paying $5.00 for his meal was the very least I could do. I would have paid it if it were $50.

His country called and he said, "Let me take care of that!"

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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