Make Music, Make Noise, Be Heard

I read some where yesterday that the hardest thing to start is an orchestra. It is also the hardest thing to stop.

Some compare our lives to works of art. Before us is a blank canvas and each moment a stroke of the brush. Still others say we are writers. We create the greatest story "never" told by writing it chapter by chapter until our final days

But I have discovered that we are all musicians. The melody of our lives was created with our first whimper or scream at birth. Through the years we have learned to play our part as the master of our fine tuned instrument.

As a child we made noise and discovered that doing so brought us the attention we needed so badly. It was a piece unknowingly written to the beat of those who loved and guided us.

As teenagers we "marched to the beat of a different drum". Some of us discovered that we didn't like the instrument we were and would have gladly exchanged it for another. We struggled then to like ourselves for what and who we were. In those early years our music was influenced by the world around us, our peers, our teachers and often times changed from day to day. We were writing a piece, that when played, was understood and appreciated only by ourselves. We were, in a sense, auditioning for our part in life.

Then we enter adulthood. Until now we were just playfully tuning up our instruments. In the orchestra pit, our music mixed well, running the scales made us limber and ready for our debut. Suddenly the noise stops. Reality strikes the baton on the music stand. And we position ourselves ready to play

But play what? Some of us still hadn't practiced enough. We knew that there was a song inside but never took the time to write it. So as the curtain lifts and the Maestro draws our attention, it all begins. Some play beautifully, others still fumble with the notes. There, mixed throughout the orchestra, are those who are still afraid to play. They begin to fake it just pretending to play their part. "No one will know." they think. "I'll just blend in."

Then one day the stage lights go dim. A bright, beautiful spotlight streaks across the stage and centers on you. Without being prepared you are given a solo. You pause, only for a moment, confused and afraid you rise to your feet. The music of life continues as your moment to shine approaches. You are almost blinded by the light, but just beyond the edge of the stage you see familiar faces. Family and friends have gathered front row center. Through the years they have heard the music you have been writing. They, above all others, know you can play your part well.

Fear and doubt, your greatest enemy, can silence you and steal away your debut.

But look. There at center stage facing you, shadowed by the light, you see a look of confidence on the face of the Maestro. He knows very well that you can do this. His baton lifts and points at you. Almost magically you respond and begin to play. Oh, the song is so beautiful. The notes are divine. The timing is perfect. Those who did not know you are swept up by the melody that you have created. Those who believed in you all along stand tall and proud. Together they applaud as you return to your seat. Longing for final approval you glance to center stage. The Maestro's head lifts and turns toward you. You hear the words "Well done! Your part is finished." You leave the stage as the music continues and with one final glance you realize you have seen the face of God.

Yes, from beginning to end we are a part of the Great Orchestra. We are given everything we need to write the music of our life. We are not only the song writer, but we are the instrument.

Have you discovered the part you are to play? Or are you faking it hoping that no one will notice. Have you given your thoughts over to fear and doubt because you tried to play and no one listened? Perhaps your self image is such that you believe your music remains nothing but noise.

"Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best!"

Besides, it was the Great Maestro who placed you in this orchestra. Your life is music to His ears.

~ Bob Perks ~

[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2008 ( -- {used with permission} ]

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