The Man Behind The Moon

Something warm touched my soul as I stood in the cold, early morning hours. The sun breaking the horizon's grip, poured over the tops of distant trees as a single beam of light glanced off my left shoulder.

My white t-shirt seemed to glow suddenly and with it my heart sighed, "thank God."

It was a time when darkness filled my days and evening hours were wasted on "what if's" and "if only."

I hated the night.  In doing so, my sleep deficit turned my days into a zombie-like existence.  Eventually life seemed like a waste of time.

So what got me through it all?

Through the years I've spoken with, smiled at, and sung about my forever confidante making it the focus of many a lonely night.

I've walked the shores of distant lands with its familiar face looking after me.  I cried and laughed a hundred times over love lost and gained.  I searched along the mountain side eagerly looking for a better, clearer view of its coming and going.

Seeing it unexpectedly fuller, brighter and in more detail, I'd always rush to a phone to share it with someone, anyone who appreciated the afterglow of day.

Growing up thinking it really was made of cheese, I decided after seeing it through a telescope, it had to be "Swiss."

In love songs they call it by name,  "Moon River," Fly me to the Moon,"  "Shine on Harvest Moon," "It's only a Paper Moon," "Blue Moon," "Moonlight Sonata" and more.

But what has always stuck with me is when they speak about, "The man in the Moon."

I just could never see it.

Although the Moon and I go way back and even until this very day, I cannot go out at night without looking for my friend.  I will not even begin to try to convince you that the moon got me through it all.

No, like everything else in my life, it was the "Man behind the moon."  The Creator of all things.

When I stood on the shore, His waves danced at my feet washing away my cares.

When I cried because young love was ripping my heart out He lifted my spirits by reminding me love will forever be a part of my life.

When I swooned at the very thought of someone loving me in return, He gently said, "I told you so."

          And even when I cursed the night
          and wished the moon away
          He always seemed to make things right
          by giving me the day.

          The sun will shine, the birds will sing
          and I promise very soon
          You'll see the joy that He will bring
          "The Man behind the moon"

~ Bob Perks ~

[ by: Bob Perks Copyright © 2007 ( -- {used with permission} ]

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