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Never Forget That I Love You!

At that very moment I thought, "I will never forget this!"

But I did.

There was a song back in the 70's that I can remember performing..."Please remember what I told you to forget." The original was by the Four Tops. But the one that I loved to sing was a true reflection of the 70's recorded by Tavares.

When the title for this message came to me, I wondered where God wanted me to go with it. A thousand images of holding hands, saying goodbye, hello and yes even moments of absolute joy rushed into my mind.

Each of them, at the moment they occurred, were so very important I thought for sure that, "I will never forget this."

But I did.

When my mother died I remember looking up at the clock on the wall wanting to burn the memory of the exact minute in time that she stopped breathing.

I can't remember it now. I do know that she died, but I remember more about how she lived.

When my divorce was finalized, I believed that I would never forget the exact date. The form arrived in the mail. I shook when I opened it. There was a day and time stamped on it.

"I will never forget this."

But I did.

I believed, too, that I would always remember every single date of each chemo treatment my son Keith had. There were so many it is all a blur now. His cure helped me to forget.

With tear soaked clothing and blood stained hands, I knew I would never forget the exact time that I came upon a car accident.

Seeing the young man pinned in the back on the floor of his car frightened me so that I thought I'd be traumatized forever. I remember running to my car to get a copy of my New Testament, and returning, prayed over him.

As they loaded him in the ambulance I drew a cross on the side of the rain soaked van.

"I will never forget this day."

Today, I can't for the life of me remember what day that was.

I see now what it is that God wants me to tell you with this message.

It would be easy to write this off as part of the aging process. I am 60 and yes, I do forget things. But that's not it.

God wants you to know that life is filled to capacity with "unforgettable moments." So many, in fact, that although your mind has the ability to store them all, you will not remember every detail of every moment.

That's why whatever pain or tragedy you may be facing today, at this very moment, there will be days ahead that will smooth the edges, round out the cutting remarks, the piercing tone of an argument or the loss of your job, home or income.

There are days ahead when the sun will shine reflecting off the fresh fallen snow or the quiet flow of a spring fed pond and you will stand peacefully by and God will gently wash away the pain but not the memory of it ever happening.

There are moments ahead when the tiniest thing will fill your mind with joy, buffering, not totally replacing, the images of this day, with calm and tranquility.

You will know the soft caress of a friend or loved one. The warm, heartfelt words spoken by a stranger, who seeing your anguish, offers a smile, a touch, as he says, "I'll say a prayer for you."

Yes, life is life, so there may also be more painful events, unimaginable at this moment, which will make today pale in comparison. You will say, "I will never forget this."

But life is like the ocean. Some waves will knock you down, some will carry you safely back to shore. Others will lift you high enough to see that you are not alone. There are more boats on the horizon, more people on the same journey.

I am sorry for the pain you think you will never forget.

I am sorry for the loss you may be facing.

I am sorry for the fear that is consuming you right now.

Life is exciting. The highs replace the lows and joy washes away the fear.

When your days are filled with love, warmth and joy, my many prayers will be answered.

God wanted me to write this for you today and tell you, "Never forget that I love you!"

"I wish you enough!"
~ Bob Perks ~

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