Bird, bird house, Spring flowers at Easter.

New Life at Easter Time

Years ago at a car show, surrounded with all kinds of booths offering an array of items for sale, my eyes fell upon a variety of unique birdhouses. They were actually too cute to use, and I suspected they were more for decoration purposes. The house was made out of a fine polished wood with a license plate that fit over the top as a roof, I sought out the year of my high school graduation, and the fact that it was a Michigan plate made it perfect!

We hung it in sheltered areas where we could enjoy it and visitors would see the unique craftsmanship of this decorative birdhouse. A few years later when we moved from MI to SC, we hung it outside our front door so visitors would notice it. However, the birds just flew by it!

A few weeks before Easter I heard some chirping outside the windows near the area where I work on my computer, and I noticed a bird, possibly a Finch that kept flying around the decorative bird house. I listened as she sang and fluttered, and I continued to do my computer work, watching as the sunshine brought about the Spring flowers and sounds of the new Season.

A few days later, I was again working at my computer and my hubby and I heard another sound. We heard little peeps and the sounds of baby birds! I was amazed to think that this decorative birdhouse was actually being used for that purpose. I tried to get a good picture of the mother at feeding time, but the hole into the house was no bigger than my thumb, and I could not imagine ever seeing more than the feathers.

A few days later we heard a number of little birds calling for their dinner. I'm going to be watching for the day that the Mother bird takes her continued role, and pushes them out to learn to fly, in order to allow them to go on their own.

As the sounds of Spring are in the air and this precious guest and her babes are outside our window, I started thinking about another Mother and her role in life; and how as a young woman she was told she would give birth to the King of Kings. She was obedient to God, and Christ was born of a virgin in a meager cave surrounded by animals. When he was a young man his Mother, Mary, had to allow him to do his own thing, and let go. Thinking him lost in a crowd one day she found him teaching at a temple and when she questioned what he was doing, he told her he was doing his Father’s business. Although quite young, she had to let go.

His 33 years of life on earth was consumed with teaching, preaching and miracles. On a dark Friday, the babe born to Mary gave the world His greatest gift. He was taken by Roman soldiers to a wooden cross; where he was nailed and tortured, spit upon and left to die; and yet spoke these words, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Friday was a dark day, a day of weeping for Christ’s followers, but on Sunday morning, the sun shone and the tomb that was sealed was open and His body was gone. Christ ascended into heaven and all who doubted - would believe. Just like the Mother bird who looks after her babies allowing them to be on their own, Mary had to allow Jesus to do what God ordained, letting Him go. We celebrate His resurrection and new life on Easter Sunday. All who make a personal commitment in their heart to believe that Christ was born, and died for our sins will someday be with Him in Paradise.

He is always here for us.

What an awesome gift!

~ Diane Dean White ~
Copyright © 2009

Diane is a freelance writer, author of two books, columnist and contributes to a wide range of publications. She and her husband of 37 years live on the Carolina Coast. They are the parents of three grown children and three grandgals. You may visit Diane's website for more stories at:

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